Saturday, February 20, 2021

A new Direction.

 Hello Everybody,

Great to get back on here seeing  all the new projects happening .

I have been really busy packing my house.

I am on a new journey rebuilding myself from the sadness I have had since the love of my life ,my husband died 3 and 1/2 years ago now, learning to live with it I have not been my usual happy self and now have decided one has to have a journey of life in mind and this depends on me. Coming to the acceptance that life is different for me now.

I feel the timing is right knowing that my love will always be with me in my heart, I have come to a happier place in myself . Happiness is a direction for me .

I am now moving house as this home is too big and takes all my time so I am downsizing making time for activities again ,  living simple, enjoying outdoors with nature , the beach ,quilting ,knitting, and back to blogging more often, being satisfied with life, and I do have a good life . It is up to me to get back to my old happy self again.

I have some stunning and gorgeous Quilts to showcase from my dear quilting friends.What would I do without them and my blogging friends and loving family.

Sondra has made her quilt for her grandson's wedding and it is beautifully embroidered and the quilting is amazing.

Lynne has finished her Dragon Flies .They are so colourful and very impressive.

Glenda has made her 2 scrappy quilts .they are so bright and cheerful and said they were fun to make.

Val made this beautiful charming  pretty quilt for her great grandaughter 2 yrs of age.

Stay Happy and Well
Jen xx

Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Wishing all my blogging friends A Merry  Christmas and a Happy safe New Year  .

May your Christmas season be filled with Peace Joy and Light. 

Jen xx

Enjoy the feeling that Christmas brings .

Love Jen xx

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Welcome to Summer !!

 Hello everybody.

Summer is with  us, December to February .Our hottest season.Already been in the 40C plus.The days are long and the nights are short.

The arrival of summer,  The beach and swimming, holidays in the sun, heat waves, dust storms, Fires, Road trips to the beaches and lakes, Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ, family gatherings, gift giving,Christmas carols, decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas Carols.

Happy times with my sewing group.

Glenda has made a scrappy quilt of all different blocks.

Also she has finished this big beauty .
Also a kaleidoscope Quilt or not sure if it is a Stack and Whack  .It is beautiful .The photo doesn't show it as amazing it is.

Barbara has made this beautiful collage picture for her grand daughter .

Of various materials and objects using her imagination and anything on hand to put the picture together

representing her image  and goals as a work of Art.  An artistic composition of materials.

Merry Christmas to everyone, be safe, be healthy, be kind, be forgiving, be strong . God Bless.

Love Jen ,

Happy quilting.