Friday, June 12, 2020

Isolation projects and how I am keeping myself amused staying at home.

Hello everybody .
Hoping to find everyone happy and well .
All is good at my house and Winter is here in Australia. We are getting a lot much needed rain bringing some respite.. We really needed it in our Australian summer as drought and fires here were catastrophic. lots of communities have been seriously  affected .Now these families have to face Covid19 after all they have just been through. When I think about all the suffering some people have to face through no fault of their own and the hardships they have been facing.
On reflection of this I count my blessings on the amount of reasons that give me a happy life.
I am happy that soon relief is coming in the near future and maybe a normal way of life can resume again.

The bush from my front door is looking lovely and refreshed from the rain .
Have enjoyed my crosswords and jigsaws,catching up with my knitting, reading,cooking ,a little bit too much cooking, weeding the garden when weather permits. All these projects have kept me busy and having some fun during lockdown .

 Have been busy quilting and seeing to the UFO's that have been hiding in  my cupboards

One of the beautiful birds that visit to the bush .King Parrot with his lovely red belly and green back,wings and tail. My favourite bird ,love seeing them out from my front door.

The ladies from my sewing group have been busy doing childrens quilts for the Womens Refuge for  the mothers and children escaping domestic violence.

Lovely happy bright fabrics for  the children

Stay safe everyone and look forward to some sort of normal again looks likely our State and Territory borders here will be opening soon and can then focus on business and peoples  jobs and stop some of the hurt and stress people are feeling.
Stay Happy and well ,Thanks for calling in to my blog.
Jen 💖 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Hello Everyone ,
How is everyone going in our self isolation stage, keeping happy and well.
I have realised that there has been some things that I used to think 'I need this ' I have to go to the shop to get it but I havent really missed anything by not going out .The odd occasion for basics only.
 I don't really need some things, the word need,  meaning desire,want,necessity,require etc .Isn't really a necessity as being n self isolation means do not leave your home and go to public places unless it is an  emergency .Avoid contact with other people.
Myself , I am happy in my own home with lots of craft ,puzzles, reading, knitting, and usual household duties to occupy myself. I do miss my friends .
Anzac day came and our community choosing  to commemorate Anzac Day from our own homes with dawn services on candlelit driveways and porch ceremories .

 My front porch with my candles and iPad streaming the from Australian War Museum and the minute silence and The last post playing. An emotional day for me Thinking of my dad and his 7 years active service to Australia. Lest We Forget.
I couldn't resist these Australian fabrics that I have something in mind for.

 My baby quilt nearly done just a dark blue border ,wadding ,backing and binding.

My helper .
Ella my dear great grandaughter with a big cake haha

Thank you for calling in.
Stay happy and well.
Jen xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lovely cool Autumn.

Hello Everyone,
Trying times, We want to be helping one another when we can, braced for the tough times ahead. So stay safe and well.
Time feels sureal putting myself in precautionary isolation, We are all told now to stay home. It is very quiet here by myself, I have good company with my puppy sitting at my feet while sewing., but we quilters will be comforted in these times with our quilting projects and catching up with our UfO's , being quietly productive in our sewing rooms. I am happy to stay home.

I have finished the baby quilt I will be gifting .

These are some of the blocks for my quilt ,I have to put the  borders on and do the binding.
 Stack and wack.

2 lovely bright and cheerful quilts getting donated A boys and a girl quilt.

Two childrens quilts being donated to the Womens Refuge for a  boy and girl.
 Being donated to the Womens Refuge.  made by Lee from my  sewing group. 10 have been sent there now .This is an ongoing project to the Refuge as they can take their quilt with them when they are able to leave.
Beautiful cool Autumn weather is with us.

We are still in drought and bare paddocks after the devastating bush fires.The green grass and paddocks are just starting to look good again. these are photos before that all happened.
Hope this post finds you Happy and Well. Please stay home and be safe.
Happy Quilting Jen xx