Saturday, February 15, 2014

Missing in action.

Hello Everyone.
I really have been missing on here lately and I have a note.
I have been looking after a sick husband who has been ill in hospital again for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and some extra care needed when he was home. I worked out I am 3 weeks behind in everything !!. Only now are things back to normal and my loved one is feeling a lot better and free from the pain and medications he was haveing for that time.  Men are not good at being sick he was a full time job. After 54 years I think I new how to manage him. lol .
I was on track to finish a quilt for my grandson and it ended being a last minute finish for him to take to Melbourne to his unit to study at University there.

 I was still doing the binding 2 nights before he left. Lucky he just lives around the corner from me.

It was the first time I used the quilting frame to quilt and I picked an easy quilt pattern to start with.
I did make a few mistakes being the first time but I did learn a lot. Overall I did enjoy the quilting with the Husqvarna Mega Quilter machine and will be practicing as much as I can.

 I received this gift from a dear friend .I just love this journal..
 Love that little girl embroidery.

I am going to use this journal for anything quilting and knitting. Thank you Lynne. xx
Lynne also received a gift of this amazing embroidery which she showed us all at sewing class this week.

The embroidery stitches and beading are just perfect.  Faltless to my eyes. I would love to be able to embroider with such expertise.

Also at quilting this week Anne finished her quilt .Very pretty fabrics Anne chose.

It feels great getting back on here and haveing a look at what projects are happening.
I am packing for a trip with the caravan for some beach  fishing and swimming in the surf. ( I am not that game that I go in water over my head ) haha  but I love the surf and waves .It just feels so relaxing listening to the waves on the shore which we will hear every night while going  to sleep. My hubby has packed for me my 2 fishing rods and I hope to catch a big fish. "We will see" !!  Also packed is some hand sewing and knitting .
Stay happy and well.
Jen x