Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Latest Happenings.

Hello Everyone,
This week has been dark clouds drenching rain and flood alerts here in Australia and a slow moveing cyclone sitting close to the western coast line heading for land..

 Today the mailman delivered me a parcel from Sweden. What a lovely surprise, a dear blogging friend has sent me by mail a package and to my delight when I opened it found this lovely Tilda March Angel who is waiting for Spring to arrive. She likes lavender and it is in her pillow and she carries a small quilt for picnics ready for Spring I am told. There is a little bird that sits on the twigs and is sitting  in the lovely lace apron in this photo.  Isn't she absolutely adorable. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.

Today I made a scrapbook page of Tilda to record her comeing to her  new home. I only have to put at the top of the page where I have left a space some writing.

This last week I have finished a small 16" square sailing quilt for my husband. He is a sailor and I have hung it on the sewing room wall. It was a fun block to sew.

Last Tuesday in my sewing class group Glenda finished the tops of 2 fabulous quilts.
You can guess that Glenda has grandsons her other quilt a while back was a Pirate ship and now we see Dinasours for this quilt. Any child would love these Dinasours.

No 2 quilt is amazing it is an outstanding job. Love the colour choice giveing the quilt movement.

Currently I have 2 near finishes and tonight I have to do some unpicking!!  Then add a border to the quilt I am sewing at the moment.
From me and my Janome.
Happy Sewing.
Jen x

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping the projects moveing.

Hello Everyone,
Let me say there are some lovely current projects by everyone on here in quilting blog land.
All this progress is very motivating .I read that quilting is creativity,friendship, self expression,learning and happiness. I believe all these things to be true. I'm sure more words could be added to to that list.
At the moment I have no finishes to show but have some near finishes to show soon.
From my sewing class on Tuesday there has been some beautiful finished quilts to share.

The next 2 beautiful  quilts are by Val she is so skilled and talented and always chooses the loveliest fabrics for her quilts

 On the corner of the quilt below there is a lovely butterfly in the quilting.


The butterfly can be seen on the backing here also.
No 2 quilt for Val .I love how Val has the hexagons in the centre panel. It is really beautiful.

Next is the owl quilt by Sharon .If you love owls this is a fabulous quilt.

Just before Christmas the top was finished and the border fabric is used for the backing. I new when we started back to class this would be all finished by Sharon. My sewing friends are so skilled in what they create.

Glenda has the top finished of her quilt above. I think it is called Chaos in the Courtyard .
What  great colours.
I sure am lucky to have such clever dear friends.

On my blog header I have put the KOALA, they are so cute and are a marsupial. A native to Australia found in the coastal regions.There are concerns about this animal's sustainable future in the environment and is currently listed as vulnerable and threatened.They are in the gum trees and eat the eucalyptus leaves. They are so cute and soft.

Don't forget to be Awesome.
Happy sewing .
Jen x

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Week in Australia.

Well,  What a  week here in Australia.
Heatwave. Fires. Tropical Cyclone. Rain and Floods. Strong Winds.

All in the one week.

I Need Help !!
Help,  with some time schedule tips.
To desiginate more time to my sewing.

 I seem to be haveing a slow period and find everything else to do but sew and post on here. I need to get busy sewing,sewing ,sewing. What I love to do.
I must say that during school holidays I had some child minding and my cupboards had a good tidy. Also went away to the Country Music Festival for 10 days to Tamworth Australias Country Music Capitol takeing the caravan and parking it on a property out on their paddock .
The festival is full on and in Tamworth they have well in excess of 55,000 visitors for the festival. A huge array of events happening. 800 country music artists and 2,200 events. Starting January 18th for a incredible 10 days. We were gone from daylight and  into the dark of night enjoying concerts and live performances and buskers lineing the main street. We were exhausted when we came home. Great fun was had by all.

Here we are parked next to the tin shed out on the paddock. It was hot 43C degrees for the first  day there.After that well into the 30C's

I am pleased to say another UFO is finished. It is my Grandaughter Kristy's quilt, she cut out and sewed choosing her own fabrics and pattern .All through 2011 and 2012 visiting me during the school holidays. It is her 2nd quilt and biggest. Kristy was 13yrs when she started her project.Now she is 14yrs. I did help a little when reverse sewing was needed sewing some straight lines when she was quilting it. I helped with the binding as only sewing in the school holidays I didn't want it to go on forever for her but nothing else. I still wanted it to be all her own creation .
Kristy is progressing very well here with us and is becomeing a happy loveing  teenager.We have great hopes for her this year at Senior school.

Turning the binding I find it easier useing a hair clasp as I sew along.

Next week I start back to my weekly quilting class and I am sure that will keep me influenced to focus on my time management .I have a new project ready to start which is a wonderful feeling.
Believe all things are possible.  Stay happy and well.
Jen x