Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hello Everyone.
Can't believe I can finally post on here again.I have had so much trouble for the last 3 months trying to work out why I can not suddenly  import and upload to my blog . At that time I updated with a new iPhone that caused heaps of trouble .
Not thinking anything was related to that,  I tried all things and even bought a new photo program and deleted my old one . Then I couldn't get the new one to work . I tried for about 4 weeks .
Finally out of frustration I sought other help. I was told because my iPhone was new and the update locked me out was the cause. Now having reloaded the old photo program to my pc and it is working fine. I didn't need a new photo program.  Sorry that was boring.😐
I did miss you all and all the amazing  projects. It was along time.
Some quilts from my sewing group.

Love these table runners that Glenda made and gifted.

Vicky has made 2 window  garden quilts  .Pretty views.

Love this panel.  I'm going to make this wall hanging next year for Anzac Day.

This Christmas tree panel is Beautiful The embellishing is amazing. A lovely wall hanging for

I have to show my gorgeous new Great Grandaughter now 3 months old so beautiful. I am so excited to be a Great Grandmother.  Ella Jewel.
I  am blessed .

Thank you my blogging friends putting up with me over the last year been sad but am back on track .
Happy healthy New Year to you and your family .
Love Jen xx

Saturday, September 15, 2018

I'm still around !!

Hello everybody,
I haven't been on here for a while and have been so busy with other duties, that I have to do . Oh well
 I still will be popping in as often as I can .
I still go to my sewing group each week and the ladies have been busy with lots of projects. I also have some projects nearly finished.
It is Spring here now.
 I had a lovely holiday to the snow season at Thredbo with my big grandies ,daughter and son in law.I always take some hand projects to do while the big boys are out on the slopes. I have walks in the snow and to the village but not on the slopes . Too old for that haha

Val has finished her quilt to be gifted. It is really lovely and some pretty embroideries in the white sashing .

Kay put together the Drunkard's Path 12  inch blocks completing the quilt.

Love these baby quilts made by Sharon

They are so gorgeous.

 Lee made this from her stash to donate for charity.

 The purple and mauves are lovely together.

Lynn has a beautiful embroidery panel  for the centre panel and built the blocks around for this pretty quilt.
 Love the embroidered center panel . the embroidery work for the dragons is beautiful.

  Goodbye for now .Stay Happy and Well .
Jen xx  💚

Friday, July 20, 2018

Having trouble.

Hello Everyone,
Hope this post finds you happy and well,
I have been trying to put this blog post up for a few weeks and I nearly lost the whole blog when  I tried to correct why  I could not import my photos to here and why my comments disappeared. So thought I would try 'again' tonight   and they were all back. Just magically appeared. Probably Blogger. So now just hoping my photos will import. Otherwise there will only be my puppy on here. haha.
Didn't think I would ever get back on here it has been so much trouble.

It has been freezing cold this winter and most of New South Wales is in severe drought .The Farmers are having a very bad time with no feed for their stock as no rain happening.It is taking its toll on farmers mentally and physically .It is in crisis so devastating.

Well her goes for some photos of some lovely quilts.

I couldn't import the latest quilting photos again but i have this quilt that Sharon made with pretty flannelette fabric,

This quilt is the very 1st one I made for the caravan bed .I still like it and my first attempt at applique.

This next one is a throw using some Japanese fabrics.

My dragon fly quilt is still waiting for the quilting to be started .

Some photos of where I live. Newcastle .Lake Macquarie area.

I am really 74. but still applies.   lol.

 It is a serious problem as I still can't import what I wanted.
 Somebody  got into the wool stash and left all the clues. Pretending she didn't do it .

 Little Chloe comes running when she hears the music for this add on the television.

 Thank you for calling into my blog.
Jen xx

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finally a sense of balance.

Hello everybody,
It's been too long since my last visit and catching up with all the dear blogging friends on here .
I hope this post finds you happy and well.

What I like most about my blog it gives me the motivation to be creative.Working on some balance with my daily duties seems to be working, so lots of hope for  things to come ,staying enthusiastic and  creating time for myself and my family . Early to bed early to rise ,very unusual for me as I have been a  night owl for ages .Get up at a reasonable hour to make full use of my day, being a bit more patient,
Seems to be working for me.

Taking my puppy for a walk at the lake she was tired and had to pick her up,walking with a friend.

I have some projects finished .This is a baby play mat for my grandaughter who is going to make me a great grandmother !! I am so excited. Have found out it is going to be a little girl baby ,So making a  cot quilt now.

2  warm bunny rugs 
2 charity quilts finished from quilting class.

The quality controller checking my quilt , I think it has  passed.

Going to make some blocks from this book and put them together for a quilt.

Three days time it will be Winter here .I am glad the heat has gone.
Thank you for calling in.
Happy sewing week .
Jen xx  💚