Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Having trouble with Blogger.

Well I finally got the new post page up after many tries. For some reason it would only flick on the screen and flick off .
Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a great weekend and are happy and well.
Not a lot of sewing happening this last week being busy with the school holidays and other things that needed my attention.
It has been cold (17 C) and cloudy today.We are in the middle of winter here in Australia and the snow season is well underway, down south from me (6 hours drive ) and have had heavy snowfalls for the skiers .A busy snow season, my grandchildren are down there now for a week in the snow. The 4 of them ski and snow board.
I love the summer and the beach .
It is also when the cotton grows in our hot summer sun. In August -September is when the farmers start the soil preparation.September to November the planting happens. March -May the cotton picking and transporting starts. During our hot summer November to February the seeds split open showing lovely white fluffy cotton . It just feels like balls of cotton wool.

Mechanical pickers drive along rows pulling the cotton from the bush and goes by truck to a cotton "Gin" and put through a big machine and pressed into bales

 The bales are transported in big trucks and all Australias cotton is packed in shipping containers and sent overseas to be made into the beautiful fabrics that we love . Aust is one of the largest exporters of raw cotton.

I love this quilt Winding Ways by EverythingQuilts.com .

Sondra at quilting class made this lovely runner. I like the size for a dining table.

I have added to my stash of wool and fabric.

I have projects lined up for these.  .I need more hours in the day !!! Who doesn't.
On the weekend I did some baking.With my big teenage grandchildren they didn't last long.

Anzac biscuits (left)  and rock cakes. Two old fashioned recipes.
The Anzac biscuit is popular in Australia and New Zealand and have long been associated with the Australian New Zealand Army Corps  (ANZAC) in World War 1 . These biscuits were made and sent by wives to the soldiers abroad as the ingredients kept well during Naval transportation. The term Anzacs is protected by law in Australia and are only to be known as biscuits and never cookies.  Google    Anzac Biscuit  Recipe .  Very easy to make.

Bye for now.
Happy sewing
Jen x

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cosy Days.

Hello dear readers,
One month of winter has passed ,a very mild month (around 26C ) but at the moment the cold winds have begun to blow (16C) here and the snow season down south have had snow falling but mostly sunny days and very chilly in the night.
I like to get my jobs done early and snuggle up on the lounge with my knitting while the hot pot is cooking away with the tea .This does not happen every day though, and is lovely and cosy when it happens.
At quilting class today I have been working on a quilt called Intertwined. from Cozy Quilt Designs. from a  jelly roll using 2 1/2" strips .The block basically large 8 1/2" squares and small 21/2" squares and some pinwheels made with the tube technique. A strip tube ruler is handy for this.

 3 strips sorted and sewn together for large squares.

I have sorted my cut strips and sewn the 3 strips in a tube with right sides together and 1/4" seams top and bottom on the long sides for the large squares and the small squares in a smaller tube. Cut in triangles and open tube to a square.

Today in class Glenda has the top finished for her grandsons quilt .Glenda goes to a lot of trouble to source these great fabrics for her grandchildren's quilts.

 I love this fabric!!  Perfect for any little boy.

I have from the cupboard bought out this quilt I made ages ago as I love the paisley fabric which reminds me of the 60's mod and hippie style  of those times. ( showing my age here)

I have a few projects happening at the moment and between child minding as it is school holidays here I am  makeing progress as I don't have to babysit everyday so all is good for my sewing and knitting.
We are still going whale watching and this is one of my favourite coffee places at Merewether beach on our way home. I love sitting sheltered from the winds watching the waves with my hubby.

Happy sewing days.
Your blogging friend Jen x