Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Latest Happenings here

Today has been such a lovely day with perfect Autumn weather and lunch with dear friends.
How is everyone in blogland creating away with so many wonderful things to share.
As for me I have been working on a few projects this week and have one finished and  some progress is happening on the others. Hopefully by the weekend another project will be finalised

I have ready to put in the post my Quilties  for the Quilty Trade. Sandra Kaye. blog. They are so fun to sew as there is a theme each trade, the theme this time is Flowers for the small quilts .Very satisfying to see them when finished.

 Ready for the post bag

Some more progress with the Hexagons coming along slowly. If I can get some housework up to date tomorrow I would like to desiginate the weekend to my sewing .Why do we have to clean, cook, wash and iron!!!  Happy quilting                                                                      
 Jen. x                                                                                                                        


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Maria Challenge,

Back from our holiday break, unpacked the caravan washed and ironed. Back to normal routine or though I am not sure what normal is sometimes !!

During our stay in Port Stephens we visited the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre for the biennial Quilt Show where we saw an interesting show of quilts and designs. They had featured a " Maria Quilt" thought out by female convicts on their way to Australia. Transported to Australia for several trivial crimes on board the ship the" Maria" in 1817.
A Quaker lady Elizabeth Fry visited women in Newgate Prison in London where she observed women and children in horrible conditions. With some help Elizabeth set about teaching the women to sew. Elizabeth and the helpers made parcels of fabric,needles,pins,scissors,white and black thread,,hanks of coloured thread for embroidery,thimble,and 2 pounds of patchwork fabric for the women prisoners.

These parcels were given to the convict women prior to their  6 month journey on the ship to Australia. They could keep their quilts if they wanted or sell them when arriving in Australia.
You can read their story in the novel by Australian Author Margaret A Rowe  called the  Maria Challenge Quilt. Telling the story of a quilting group.

Elizabeth Fry born 1780 became famous  in Britian in the early 19 th century working for reforms in the prison system.

The Maria Quilt made by the convict women has been recreated  by the quilt makers from  Port Stephens. It is their version of the patterns and  handmade taking 2 yrs to complete. Calling the project. Maria's Quilt Challenge.The requirements for the Challenge by the Port Stephens ladies was each lady to hand in 1 kg of cotton fabric for swapping . Only put in what you would use yourself. The Commitment to be finished in 2 yrs time for their next Quilt Show. All fabric to be placed in a calico bag provided for the ladies to choose.. Create any type of quilt you like. No one to see your quilt till the challenge is over. Most of all have fun doing it.

These are some of the quilts made by the Port Stephens ladies  for the Maria Challenge.

Other Quilts from the Quilt Show.

So many lovely quilts on display.
I did start some Hexagon blocks while away  and have 3 done and hopefully will have a few more so I can  show next time on here.
Happy Quilting ,
Jen x

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 hour from our front door

Just calling in to say hello!
 We are holidaying in our caravan at beautiful Port Stephens on the beach at Fingal Bay with its golden sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear waters. The perfect setting for rest  relaxation and some stitching .The Bay here is approxamately 2  1/2 times the size of Sydney Harbour and ideal for snorkelling, surfing and what I like to do beach fishing. It is also regarded as the Dolphin capital of Australia. Whale watching is popular here from May through to November. Something which my husband and I enjoy during that time around the beaches 10 mins from our home. We are having a short break before Easter while the weather has taken a turn for the better after the pouring rain and floods in our  State of New South Wales has just experienced

Some photos while boating on the Bay.

 This is the Tomaree Quilt 
we came across in the libary while here designed and crafted buy the Bay Quilters an unusual quilt and was hanging very high on the wall making it diffucult to view.I could see from a distance that a great amount of work  went into the sewing of it.

I love this Quilting verse.

 I will leave you with some photos of the recent floods.

  Some of the flooded country towns.

Hopefully some finished sewing projects to show soon, I am working on some .Goodnight .
Till next time. Happy sewing .
Jen  x                                                                                                                                                                     

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sad to say nothing new as yet.

No sewing has been happening for this last week. I am looking foreward to catching up this week.
I have been doing some knitting here and there.
I have discovered a Quilter and Artist by the name of Deborah Nelson who's website showcases beautiful Art and Design work. She is a lover of the Australian bush and Aboriginal Art. Contemporary styles and bold colours.

 Australian Flowers Quilt.

 Australian Animals Quilt.

The Reef and Rainforest.
Golden Wattle    

Rainbow Serpent..
To see more Quilts or contact Deborah at

Bye for Now, Happy Sewing ,       Jen x