Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Wish for You.

My Christmas wish for you my dear and cherished blogging friends who have supported me with your visits to my blog and emails and kind comments during my 6 months of blogging is a simple one.
For I wish you the gladness of Christmas,  hope and peace, Days filled with warmth and sun and
Happiness and Prosperity in the coming New Year.

I may not get back on here for a little while as my family will be staying with us over the Christmas break. so a quick post.
I am all finished and ready for Christmas. We have put the cots up ready for the baby's and extra beds only have to give the floor a mop. Cooking is under control ,only the cooking that can't be done till the last minute.
.So I am happy to have a free day before Christmas Day is here.

I have already been babysitting the 4 leggered kind.
This is Maddy a pure bred Kelpie she is so obedient and lovely and I am sure she knows every word you say. Maddy belongs to my daughter  and son inlaw and their  3 boys who live around the corner from us.

 She loves getting spoilt at Grandmas.

I received in the mail a Christmas Swap quilt .I really love the colours and the  snowman.

Here is my loved one holding it for me.

I have finished a mug rug for my brother as a gift .He loves his coffee so I thought I would make a mug rug for him.

I am looking foreward to adding to my stash as it is quite depleted and in the New Year  get started on some new projects. That will be fun.
My grandaughter Kristy Lee (13yrs) will be staying here in the school holidays working on her music quilt . I think  she will have th top finished then. I think Kristy and myself will have to visit some quilting shops while she is here.
Everyone have a Very Merry Christmas.
Jen x

Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Long Now!!

Hello, blogging friends, It is a very busy time and the weeks are flying by. I don't seem to be getting much sewing done as I would like to and keeping up to date on here.
Such busy days this close to Christmas. I am preparing for my family to stay for a week over Christmas and  busy putting up 2 cots and extra beds .
Have been decorating the house for the littlies (toddlers) inside and out and cooking for the big ones some Christmas treats.
The Christmas lights are finished being put up now. Nothing really major to do now.
I do love christmas and the holidays when all the family gets together.

I have finished this mug rug and have one more to finish, just have to quilt it and sew the binding.I am using my left over scraps so they are various sizes as to what fabric is there.

This is for a Christmas gift . Pretty fabrics.
Some of my Christmas decorations.

 The choo choo train with a Santa train driver.

The indoor lights, My camera isn't very good for these type of photos, but you can get an idea.

The outside ones now.

 The reindeer moves up and down and laser lights change colours and patterns on the front of the house. Our street is a small street opposite the bush and all the houses have lights.

As you can tell not much sewing this post.
Night Night friends.
Stay happy and well.
Jen x

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting ready for Santa.

Hello Everyone, I'm not up todate with my email replys but I am haveing a look at what projects are happening on here.
Getting ready for Santa is a busy time and I haven't stopped!! Some days I am on my legs all day and don't seem to have a lot to show for it. With shopping, cooking, cleaning, visiting, Christmas functions etc. I don't seem to get to my sewing room and  computer till late.
I have managed to complete a couple of small projects that were nearly finished and have been on the end of my table for a while.
A Hanger for my sewing room.

The pockets are cut from the legs of old jeans.

Embelished with anything I had around . A left over 9 patch block came in handy.

A frog button and star buttons and a couple of pin badges.
Finally finished. Also-
One more Dear Jane block.

Looks a bit wonky there but I think I stretched it a bit out of shape when I ironed it.
I have a mug rug on the cutting table so hope to get to that in the next couple of days.
I have another photo of  the birds across to the bush from my front door.

A cooking day for me tomorrow so will say goodnight now.
Sleep well.
Jen x

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where has this week gone?

Hello everyone !! One whole week has past so quickly and I can't seem to get into my sewing room.
I will have a lot of catching up to do . Nothing that important happening that I have to go out for in the next few days. Thank goodness.
I miss being on here.
The round of Christmas celebration parties has already started and I seem to be out every second day for some thing or another.
Here is some of the small things that I have been working on. Nothing major at the moment.

 Christmas Table mat.

Lavender Embroidery.

These are Christmas Greeting post cards we quilted as a group to post in the mail to each other.
A fun project .They have wadding,cardboard,visafix in them with backing fabric and Christmas fabric  and sewn with the walking foot.

We made these with scraps of Christmas fabric and embelished them. Put them in the mail box with a stamp and they arrived as good as  new.

My Christmas tree decorated with the help of the neighbourhood children,They were so excited and were singing Jingle Bells as they were doing it. (2,4,6 yrs) cute.

Eastern Rosella.

 I put the Christmas tree up today with the lights and other inside lights. Tomorrow.  The outside lights will be put up  .So we are getting into the festive mood here.I just love Christmas!! I will leave you with this photo of two of the birds that are in the bush over from our front door.I enjoy seeing these birds ,they are so pretty.
My typing is jumping around on here tonight with a mind of its own as to where I try to place it!!
Happy Quilting                 Jen x