Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter Holiday. May Easter bring lots of Joy and Happiness in your Life

Hello Everybody ,
Autumn is a time to enjoy, setting the mood for  all the changing colors of nature on display, falling leaves making a carpet of color. Soon the wattle in the bush opposite will be in bloom. Loving the cool crisp air of Autumn.

Our lovely wattle, cant wait to look out our front door at the wattle and the birds it brings.

 Some of the  birds in the bush at our place.. King Parrot. Eating the Wattle seed.
 The Floral Emblem of Australia showcasing Wattle.

 Eastern Rosella.
The birds in the bush eating the wattle seed.
The Wattle bird.

I decided to finish a small quilt needing the binding as it was National  Quilters Day back on the 19th so I feel I achieved something on the day. On the other days not quite so much. I did get my finished quilt tops together and measure for backing and wadding.I won't say how many!!! Looking to finish these.
 Pulled some fabric from my stash to match my caravan fabric for a runner to start . Something fun to do.
My finished quilt .

I want to use this quilt as a tablecloth for morning or afternoon tea.

Happy Easter to all.

Jen xx

Friday, March 4, 2016

Thankful for the start of Autumn weather.

Hello to everybody. Back to blogging,
 I have been away on a holiday up the north coast with our caravan on the beach for a few weeks . Enjoyed lovely weather and water temperature in the surf .  Enjoyed the company of 6 dear friends for the weeks away. Here we are !! Good fun and relaxation was had by all.

By the river for lunch and a beer.

 Camped next to the beach.

Our friend the Goanna came to visit us from the bush everyday. Made us move quick from where we
sat outside while he went past. They can run at you and bite !!

One of my favorite things to do is some beach fishing. That day all I caught was seaweed !!
And a swim in the surf.

It was lovely to come home to some changes in the weather now Autumn is here. March, April and May will bring us some cooler days on average 20C's - 30C's  .We certainly have a variety of climate. The top north  of Australia has been 30C-50C  and down south is cooler temps of 16C-26C . I am the mid north coast 30C - 43C  temps and Tasmania is colder . We have had some cyclones along the coast this summer, usually get about 6.
Love our Autumn weather and lovely colours.

 Our capital Canberra by the lake.
 Melbourne in Victoria.  where one of my grandsons is liveing  to go to the University  there.

Not much time to sew while away but found a little quilt shop  and these 3 fabrics caught my eye.

This fabric looks fun .I can see a runner or mug rug or placemat.

 Time to catch up with all the projects that everyone has been doing on here. I look forward to this over the weekend. Not good internet while away.
Happy sewing weekend. Stay happy and well.
Jen xx