Sunday, May 17, 2015

Making Plans.

Hello everybody,
Making plans don't always go exactly how you want sometimes. Setting the goal is easy, keeping and achieving them take some time and motivation.
In my plans I had some projects ready to finish by a certain time and a planned  trip away was included . I could see myself achieving these goals before we left on our trip.
 Then along the way I was thrown some hiccups which stopped my projects moving.
The first set back.
 Newcastle ,Lake Macquarie area was hit with the worst devastation of storms to come to the  area where I live . The region was battered with cyclonic winds, torrential rain, massive seas and waves, flood waters and tragically the wild weather claimed the life of 4 people.
The damage bill of the storm will cost hundreds of  millions of dollars. People have had no electricity for days .Some residences cut off by flood had food and drinking water running low. Fences and trees blown down causing a lot of damage.

Fortunately we didn't incur any damage only lived with no power for 5 days and no internet. Which we are thankful for compared to some others. Out came the candles and torches .I didn't realise how much we took electricity for granted!!
My sewing machine sat for 2 weeks unable to use . I packed my projects to take away and my machine looking forward  heading to outback country away from our east coast and wild weather.

It was cold out in the country.
Our Caravan Park in Tamworth with the fog rolling in.
Moved further inland and camped by the river in lovely sunshine. Still no projects started!!!

On the way we stayed in Tamworth to visit our grandchildren as they love when we come to see them. It was Brady's birthday he turned 7 yrs.

The Birthday boy with his big brother Mitchell on leave from the Australian Army Defence Force to see him for his birthday.

I have some photos of some quilts in progress to show from my dear friends the sewing ladies .
These faries are so lovely and delicate.
 Beautiful embroideries and applique for this pretty quilt.

When I go to sewing group I will showcase these 2 quilts .
I have not been to class for 3 weeks and I am sure these quilts will be finished for some lovely photos .I am looking forward to seeing them next Tuesday.
Our holiday of 3 weeks was cut short as I caught the flu and had to come home only after a week before we travelled too far inland away from home. New South Wales the state I live could fit the UK into it 3 and1/4 times. It is a nice relaxed pace of life in the country with lots of little towns and villages. I love to travel out west to the far horizons. We will just pack the caravan again soon and head away again .
After being in bed for 4 days I guess my projects will all come together soon with great satisfaction as I am up and into it.
Happy Sewing from the She Shed.
Your friend Jen x