Sunday, February 24, 2019

More Balanced.

Hello Everybody,
Hoping this post finds you happy and well.
Hopefully my computer problems have gone now so I can post and import my photos ,I did have trouble the last couple of weeks again but hope I have it sorted now.
I have had a good couple of weeks in the sewing room being dedicated to catch up on some UFO's and have some near finishes to report .Also I started a new project in amongst it all as I can't help myself  haha.
I am feeling more balanced in creating more time for myself and family, to be well rested getting to bed at a reasonable hour to arise early and make full use of my day.
It is now 2 years coming March that my dearly loved husband passed on and I feel less stressed and in some sort of order, so life goes on. Life is not fair but it is still good.

What would I do without my dear friends in my sewing group together each week for 16 years now.
 There is always new things happening.

Some lovely projects from my class group.

This pattern is from our sewing group teacher Lee  .I love all the applique and beautiful hand work.
Little butterflies flying across the quilt.

                   So pretty !!

                                Lee 's quilts.

 This is my quilt waiting to be quilted ,I'm not sure exactly how yet .It has to be finished by end of March for my sister's birthday.

  My latest baby quilt.

With the drought in Australia there has been dust storms from the red dirt in the  paddocks .Top soil from farms picking up and blowing across Australia. This one is blowing across Sydney from the middle of Australia. They travel hundreds of Kilometres, (miles) They damage houses and the dust gets inside.

 Heat wave conditions, Fire , Cyclones , Heavy rain and flooded rivers. happening the same week in all the different states. bad week.

Love the sea .I love the water scenes as they are so tranquil and relaxing to view letting your cares float away.

 Life is better at the beach a day at the beach restores the soul.

 My beaches .

 Thank you for calling into my blog and saying hello when you can.
Happy sewing week .
Jen xx