Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Been a While.

It was lovely to be away but lovely to get home from our trip. Returning to normal routines has been a little slow. Now we have school holidays here and it has been full on and back into the run of things really quick, with 4 early teen grandchildren  here. I can't seem to get out of the kitchen, they are always wanting food .You cant fill them!!. I cook cakes and biscuits and they don't even get time to cool and they are gone. haha.
I was happy to get back to sewing class with my dear friends on a Tuesday after 4 weeks being awayThere was some show and tell .
Lee made a runner and a Christmas tree ornament which was lovely. Love the blues for Christmas they make a nice change.

 Kay made a very pretty quilt for her grandaughter.

We visited a museum in a little country town and came across these old sewing machines some like I have never seen before. I couldn't find the dates for them there.

Also a small Lace iron.
We had fun looking out for the letterboxes in the front of some of the  properties or cattle stations as we drove past. They were very unusual and unique.
 Some Cattle Stations are bigger here in Australia  than European Countries. The size and remoteness defines the lifestyle.

This is one of the largest in Australia. The Australian Cattle Stations are by far the biggest in the world . The nearest human settlement is a days drive away in some cases. They  can drive 200 kms or more to go to their front gate. If you want Google Australian Cattle Stations and you will see more of these properties some huge ones with their sizes and remoteness.

Letter boxes along the way.

 Here we are camped by the river. A lovely spot for Bird Watching.
 Kangaroos resting in the park in the shade of the trees where we stopped for a coffee break.

Here I am enjoying the noises of the bush . I look a bit serious here  but It was very relaxing walking the bush trails.
One more week till school holidays finish and then I am looking foreward to finishing some of my projects .I just don't seem to be getting my sewing time of late.
Glad to be back on here with my bloggie friends.
Happy Sewing.
Your friend Jen x

Monday, September 10, 2012

Relaxing peace of mind.

Hello friends,
 Calling in while travelling our truly amazing countryside from Inverell.
 Enjoying being able to walk among the lovely tall Gum trees along the bush walking trails.

In this beautiful tranquil area is a place called Cranky Rock Natural Reserve, a lovely scenic peaceful haven found after some trecking in the middle of nowhere it feels like.
I have some photos I would like to share with you.

 Our Walking trail.
 Still walking along the trail here. Getting closer to our destination. Some golden Wattle trees in the bush as we pass look pretty against the huge granite rocks. The husbands walking ahead you can just see in the bottom left corner.

Here we are at Cranky Rock
We thought it was just beautiful arriveing to see this scene.
An ideal spot for some Fossicking in this river bed below.

Beautiful sapphires plus many other gems and minerals are found in the region. You need a couple of sieves something to dig with a bucket ,some gum boots and you are set up to fossick in the river bed amongst the stones for the gems. No such luck for us.

This is a quilt we saw on the wall at an Information Centre . Named the Moree Quilt by the quilting ladies at Moree for Australian Federation year.
I am working on a fun embroidery while away.So hope to have a finish before we arrive home.

Cute little Owls, 6 in all. Fun to sew.
We are enjoying beautiful Spring days and cold frosty nights and relaxed peace of mind during our travels.
 Happy sewing week to you all.
Jen x

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello! Everyone, Just saying hello while travelling.
Our first stop on the road nestled in the hills was Nundle the gold mineing town of 150 yrs ago. It's streetscape reminiscent of days gone bye and it's crystal clear creeks and rivers for fossicking for gold which continues to be found with other stones and minerals.
 Sorry to say no striking it rich for us fossicking in the river.

Our camp at Nundle.

While in Nundle we visited the Woolen Mills. I was very good there and just looked as I had not long ago added to my stash of woolen yarns. I was really tempted but stayed strong. I have enough yarn to last me for a few years.

Best find of all was the Cottage on the Hill with beautiful Quilts and Patchwork where we were greeted by  Kerry a lovely person who was very helpfull .You can find Kerry  or  Even the hubbys enjoyed themselves looking at the lovely quilts.

The next day we drove up into the picturesque mountains to the lookout for some bush walking and
the bird watching trails.
Nundle Lookout

It has been very cold during the night and lovely sunny days. Thank goodness Spring is here,so looking foreward to lots of warm sunshine.
Happy Sewing,
Jen x