Friday, February 20, 2015

Rain ,rain go away while we are camping.

Posting from the east coast  of Australia. We are on the Coffs Coast in beautiful Coffs Harbour where the sea meets the beautiful mountain ranges, with scenic drives ,beautiful beaches, winding rivers, waterfalls and ancient rainforests it is such a natural environment a World Heritage listed wilderness. It is one of Australia's most accessible World Heritage areas.
We are with a group of  awesome life long  friends so not a lot of time for any sewing projects.

Our Camp sites.

From the Forest Sky Pier in Coffs Harbour that arises 15 metres above the forest floor and juts out 21 metres giving views from the mountains to the coast.
The Gumbaynggirs nation of people refer to it as The Spirit Place.
Just a few photos of what we are enjoying for some weeks. Now the rain has set in and 2 cyclones are coming in north of us at the top end of Australia so expected is  a lot of rain where we are.

I have a lovely quilt to show that Barbara from our sewing class group has finished .

Barbs quilt is stunning and the border fabric is perfect to frame the garden of flowers.

I have to give an update on my grandson Mitchell who has graduated from training and is now a Soldier in the Army of the Australia Defence Force. I am so proud of him . He is my first grandchild of my 8 grandchildren.
Thanks for calling in . I think I was lucky to get this posted as it all clicked off 3 times and this was my last try and I made it .haha
Happy Sewing .
Jen x.