Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Enjoying some applique time.

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far.
Today in Australia we are experiencing bad storms,floods ,fires and very hot weather which is normal for our summer . In the centre of Australia and surrounds they are getting days extremely hot  with 40C  and 45C heat . Luckily I live on the East coast with a beautiful 26C  temperature today with a beautiful sunrise at 5/57 am and the sun will be setting at 8/07 pm so a lovely day in all.
 I spent some of it by  the water enjoying a lunch with 2 of my big grandchildren (University ones) and hubby .
I hope you all have been enjoying some sewing time wherever you are .
I have been preparing some applique pieces for some 3/12 inch blocks .

Not much else happening in the sewing department during the last 2 weeks.

Sharing some lovely Christmas gifts  from some dear  quilting friends ,
A beautiful table runner. I am so lucky.

More presents .I was so  thrilled to receive  these lovely decorations made for me. I am so spoiled.
and how cute is this Stress doll, I need it lately haha  (With my caring duties.)

 Preparing my applique, These blocks will be good to be able to hand sew and  take with me in the caravan for a holiday in February.

This is the storm over Newcastle the beach and  Lake Macquarie area  this week . This photo was on NBN television photos.
That is one of the beaches a couple of Kilometers from us. Scary storm.

Time to finish ,Thank you for calling in and commenting .I really appreciate the comments.
Take Care .
Jen x