Monday, October 5, 2015

The Hot Days are Coming!!

Hello Everybody,
Hoping you are all Happy and Well,
I have had a busy last month with all things other than sewing plus adding school holidays to it all !! I enjoyed my grandchildren over this time having the company of my big boy Grandies  also my little ones came for a holiday with their mum and dad.
It is the 2nd month of Spring and already having hot days of 38C in some places. So I think we are heading for a very hot Summer!!
Hoping to start a new quilt tomorrow for my granddaughter who is 5 yrs.
I have collected this adorable fabric for her quilt. Still needing some more fabric but will be able to get started.
This Fairy Dream  panel, Bush Baby Birds and Pebbles I purchased from Logans Patchwork.

When I attended the Wangi Quilters Club Quilt Show and saw their artistic talents I have to showcase some on here to share. They were amazing so impressive and inspiring.

Some more to share


 Love Santa.

These next 2 quilts are original Art Quilts by Trish Smith and she achieved some Awards with the showing of them .

Some Crochet art for the crochet lovers. I would love to be able to crochet, it looks fabulous so creative..
I am a knitter and there is not much of that happening either at the moment.
My brother is suffering from Dementa and I have been taking him to be assessed and other appointments but in 2 weeks we should know his needs and all the running around will be finished and I look forward to the time for my sewing again.

Thank you kindly for calling in,
Your friend ,
Jen x