Monday, October 20, 2014

The Tree of Life.

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all happy and well.
I have been reasonably productive putting together a quilt top and binding a small Civil War quilt also some embroidery for a Christmas project .All near the finishing stage.
 I have finished some baby  blankets as a small gesture to help comfort grieving parents as a memory of their baby at a time of sorrow.  I will pass them on to  Cheryll  from ' Gone Stitchin.' blog.  Cheryl manages her other blog named ' Blankets of Love.'  click on the link to read about them.  Cheryll is truly an angel who makes and boxes the blankets then takes these donated blankets to the hospitals where they are gratefully accepted.
 I have used fabric from my stash and found some pretty pieces that i thought suitable .

Glenda from our sewing class has donated her time to make these to send to Cheryll . Cute Tinkerbell and Winnie the Pooh tiny blankets for premature birth.

The ladies at sewing class have been busy with some lovely quilts . The Tree of Life fabric is so stunning and makes for a beautiful quilt.
The Tree of Life in its various forms is recognised in all cultures as  a symbol of immortality and eternal life. The Tree of Life is the tree who's fruit gives eternal life to all who obtain it. The concept has been used in science, religion, philosophy and Mythology and can be found in the book of Genesis and other books of the bible.

Sewing class update.
Val's Tree of Life quilt top.

Glenda has her quilt nearly finished ready for quilting.

I love how Glenda has worked the corners .

Barbara's quilt centre.  Everyone has worked their Tree of Life quilt in many different and  talented ways.

Sondra has been embroidering on  her quilt fabric  makeing the result look so soft on the beautiful fabric choices.

 Our whole class has made this scrappy quilt to donate to a  charity . Each person has made 2 blocks each and helped with borders and all the cutting. It was a most enjoyable project. Usually the charity raffle the quilts and can make lots of money for their needs.

 There is a lot I am always learning and keeping my mind active and how to balance myself and be flexible just in everyday life.There is always something happening that is not planned. We have had our eldest Grandson come stay with us from the country for the last 7 months while waiting for his enlistment into the Australian Defence Force..He has now been offered enlistment.  We have loved our time with him and love him dearly. Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you never new was empty.
Happy sewing .
Jen x

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hectic and fun times.

Hello everyone ,hope all is well with you.
School holidays is upon us here with one more week till back to school. It has been a full on first week for me with a household of 8 people to see to. It has been hectic and fun times with the grand children. They certainly keep you hopping with each day to the playground, beach, park picnics, fishing, meals,  bath and bed  times etc,etc. It has been lovely and memorable as they don't stay little for long. I have some photos to share at the end of this post. Needless to say no sewing or posting on here for the last 2 and half weeks.
I did sneak a morning to attend quilting class and have a finished quilt  to show.

It feels lovely and soft and I used all my last scraps of left over  flannel .I finished it on the last day of winter
and as it is heating up here into our  Spring I have stored it for next winter.

Here is a photo of our lovely sewing group ladies who meet one day a week sometimes two for the last nearly 11 years. We all have a great bond of mutual affection and close comradeship over those years and have been dear true friends . They always inspire me and we laugh and have fun together.

A couple of ladies are missing from this photo on this day as we enjoyed a lunch day together at the Heritage Garden Nursery. A section of the gardens.

Another quilt project by Val, last post it was all pinned and now the baby quilt is all quilted and finished. So pretty for a dear little baby.

I value my friends at home and my blogging friends as friendship is one of the greatest gifts ever.
These are my adorable grandchildren who are so precious to me.

 My big boys .

My big girl and little one.
My little boy and the girls. Cute faces.

Little human beings with their unique characters
.As a grandparent I look out for their happiness. A major source of fulfillment is to be blessed with grandchildren .
Hopeing it is not so long next time to post on here .I have been having a peek to see what is happening with you all but still have some catching up!!
Till next time.
Happy sewing week.
Jen x