Sunday, October 20, 2013

Devestating and frightening.

A State Emergency has been declared this week as bush fires ravish New South Wales, Australia destroying several communities and gale forced winds pushing the fires towards homes. Temperatures soared and homes became under threat. All this within 30 minutes and 1 hour drive away from where I live.
Families evacuating their homes to save their lives and the fire crews struggling to battle huge fires since Thursday, plus gale forced winds.
We had planned to visit the Blue Mountains over the weekend and visit the little communities and scenic views in the area and now hundreds of Fire Fighters are there battling to save homes from being lost. Fires are starting up everywhere and the roads are closed.
 I'm shareing some photos from the N.S.W. Rural Fire Services .This is what our brave exhausted fire fighters are up against.

At the back of  Newcastle Airport which was a real worry. That is some of the car park.
This photo I took looking from my back fence.. The fires where all around us at least 15 to 20 minutes drive away.
This is Sydney with the clouds of smoke over the city.

A popular beach and jetty and small town was victim to the fires.
Looking foreward to a quieter week on the fire front and hopeing for some rain to help our brave fire fighters.
I did finish a childs quilt last week a quilt as you go which was fun  and colourful.

It is to use for a picknik mat.

I made this next quilt and was using it for a throw and decided to put it on our bed for a change. Just for a while as I have always liked this quilt and put my teddy Lynnie on our bed . Lynnie who I think is adorable was hand made by my dear talented friend Lynne  who is one of our quilting group.

Thank you for visiting my blog you are truly appreciated.
God bless our brave Fire Fighters.
Happy sewing week .
Jen x

Monday, October 14, 2013

Outside my Front door.

G'day, friends and followers,
Some happenings over the last 2 weeks  and  some things that have occurred outside of my front door over to the bush and creek.
Also my sewing friends "the lovely talented ladies" have some shows.
Myself  I  have 4 on going projects nearly  finished to show next time.

I have staying with me my 2nd eldest Grandson Jacob (18yrs January) who is here studying for his end of school exams the HSC (High School Certificate) Too noisey at his house around the corner as it is busy with 3 other teenagers (other Grandchildren)  and this is the exams that get him a place at University. A very stressful time .The end of 13 years of schooling.
 It is really quiet here just his Grandad and I. Although I can be loud sometimes banging and clanging things. So dear husband tells me. haha  We have to be quiet and I have been doing some handwork and traceing some embroideries and pinning a quilt instead of using the machine as it is next to his room where he studies. I have had a lovely time having him here and fussing over him.


Barbara is always giving quilts to the little children near her.

Outside my front door.
First our front lawn has been top dressed. It has been watered because our Spring weather has been so hot and it is starting to go green already. The Murraya hedge is looking good and is easy care and starting to blossom with a little white flower.

A kookaburra has been visiting us and sitting on our light post most days

The Grass tree in the centre is an Australian native and has 28 species .

It has produced 2 large flowers over the last few weeks nearly as high as the gutter.
The birds love these.

The Cycad is quiet vigorous and drought tolerant and is growing well. It gets a lot bigger yet.
We had a drama in the bush across from us when a Magpie was caught by its neck and was flapping around 30feet up the tree and the other birds were attacking it. The wild life animal people said to ring the Fire Brigade Rescue and they arrived to get it down.

 It is in the top right hand corner hanging and they tried to pull the branch closer so they could free the bird and they did catch it and untie it.  but!!!
It was inhumane to leave it there suffering. The Firemen tried to take the wire from around its neck but the bird died of shock. These big tough men that fight our fires in our country are heroes.

The wattle has come into flower across from our front.
Also the New Zealand Xmas bush has come to flower.
Our Spring weather in Australia is very hot today being 33C and fires continue to control about 1 hour from us north in Port Stephens and Sydney 2 hours south and winds are 90Kph to 100Kph. It is still only 1/2 way through Spring !! Not looking foreward to the summer heat. Lucky we are near the beach and we do get some cool breezes from the ocean when they come.
Happy sewing to everyone.
Till next time.
Jen x