Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcomeing 2014

G'day friends and followers,
I would like to wish you all a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2014 and wishing you much pleasure with  setting about your sewing projects for 2014.
I seem to have a few projects lined up already. I am looking foreward to starting something new.
During the mad Christmas rush I have managed to do some small items.

A Pinnafore dress from pinny #1 for my 6year old granddaughter.

A fabric box for patterns etc. I actually made 2 different boxes ( Gudrun !!) and I forgot to take a photo of the other .The other box being smaller. They were fun and quick to make and seem quite useful.

Also some last minute cooking that I sent around to my Grandchildren around the corner from me to decorate. I think half were eaten while decorating.

Here is the 4 Grandchildren living around the corner from me.
I was Jacob's last year of school at Belmont Christian College. His formal night and of course they all had to run in for a photo. (Korbyn ,Jacob, Kristy and Caleb.)

Jacob ready for his Formal. University for him in the new year.

2 more of my Grandies. Kristy and her little sister Elsie.

Our lovely girl Shaylah  6 1/2 yrs.

I still have 2 more to share and will next time as having trouble bringing them on  here for some reason .

Through loving, listening and lightening up we can have a magnificent relationship with our grandchildren.

 Have a wonderful New Year holiday.
Happy sewing.
Jen x

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Countdown is on!!

Dear friends, Hello!!
The countdown is on in earnest here as it won't be long till Santa comes.
Christmas preparations are under way .We have been shopping, shopping ,shopping and the gifts are finalised. The main gifts being for my 8 Grandchildren and other family. Now for the gift wrapping, cooking and the Christmas menu which I haven't decided as yet. Also sleeping arrangements for the family comeing from the country. 5 extra beds to make up.(My son and daughter in-law and 4 children). My daughter her husband and 4 children just live close around the corner from us .Then there is the extended families on Christmas day. A very big few days over Christmas. I think I had better hurry up and prioritize a few things around here No.1` no watching the cricket!!
There is plenty of fun things happening. Christmas parties to attend. Celebrating Christmas with our friends. A lovely time of the year.
Not much sewing happening. My big quilting projects I want to start can wait till the New Year. I am just doing some Dear Jane blocks when I can manage to be in the sewing room.
I have to admit the Cricket ( the Ashes between Australia and England) has me glued to the television this last week instead of doing my jobs!! hehe.
Our Tuesday class group had a combined get together Christmas party with the other day groups of the week. Some great people, great food and a great show and tell of some stunning quilts made by the ladies.

 Tuesday girls. My lovely sewing friends.

Show and Tell.

 More quilts to show another time.

Amazing quilts. So inspiring to see. Looking close the detail is stunning and the lovely colour matched fabrics.

I received a lovely sewing set for my Secret  Santa gift beautifully sewn by my dear sewing friend Kay. I just love it so handy and useful.  I was so happy. Thank you Kay.
Our first week of summer here in Australia and it is already into the 30C's. We plan on a very hot Christmas day.
I want to thank you all who visit my blog you are truly appreciated.
I hope you all have a great week and will be happy and well.
Jen x