Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A shock for us.

Hello everybody,
Today was the hottest April day in 22 years 34C and we are well into our Autumn season.. Still sleeping with only the sheet on or off us.

We have had a big shock, A completely unexpected event happened all within one week!!
The week started with a checkup at the Doctors that was due for  my husband and said he may ask him about some heartburn he had .
 . Next day was sent to a  Heart Specialist for a stress test . The Specialist had him on the treadmill for 10 mins .Good result.
Next day. A cat scan might find something, Nothing clear .
Then next day sent him for a Angiogram for clearer results as may have to have a stent.
Next day no stent and being operated for Valve repair and Coronary Artery 4  Bypass surgery all within one week. !!!
We couldn't believe it. My husband was well, fit and strong .Thankfully he is recovering well and will be out of hospital in a few days.My poor Hubby.
No sewing the last 3 weeks with appointments to keep and then everyday at the hospital .I was so worried .

I did order my Blog to be printed from Blog2Print before the above.
No sewing photos, I will show some pages from my blog book. I am really happy with it so far.
 You can choose colours , pages and what year you want to be printed,

Here we are 56 years ago. (16 years of age)  Had to put this photo in the book as a memory on the forward page .

It will be like my diary of quilting and  some travelling trips,  adventures.
 and  Family photos.

My other forward page.

So books of  2011 and 2012 printed and in a few more months  2013 and 2014
I am happy to have my blog in print to keep forever .
No more dramas in this household please.
Happy sewing
Jen xx