Thursday, June 30, 2011

The view from my door.

Here is my view of the bush across to the creek.
When it rains the creek  sounds very loud with the  rushing water flowing downhill sounding like a train is coming.

The Wattle is starting to bloom. It is our winter  and Australia has 600 different species of wattle and is the floral emblem of Australia .
The winter landscape of the bush comes alive with wattle in full yellow blooms brightening up my winter.

Hello Out There!!

HI!  I have just boiled the billy and I am sitting settled with my cuppa to start Quilters Cotton Club's very first blog post. This blog account has been here since 2008. Originally opened to be able to view a friends holiday blog and I have never used it since till now.
Quilters Cotton Club is about my love of quilting, knitting, other crafts and interests.
My name for this blog originated from the venue where I attend my weekly quilting class (8yrs now). The other people there named our class the "Cotton Club" as always there is threads of cotton on the floor when our lesson is over. haha   So decided to call it Quilters Cotton Club.