Monday, September 25, 2017

Blogging Anniversary coming up for me.

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are happy and well.
In 2  days time  I have had my Blogger account since 2008 .I started my first blog post a little later. I had a lot to learn but loved it . I can remember my very first comments from Radka,Connie,and Francis.Who's blogs are amazing. They were a lot of help to me.
I appreciate all your comments and kind words giving me encouragement and helping me along my way. 💛
I have come to know you all as close friends.I think we all share a bond by connecting with our craft.
I'ts been my pleasure to get to know you all through the blogging world.

Finally I am catching up with the backlog of  ufo's, quilts ,embroidery, knitting projects and some cross stitch after this last year when all these things came to a stand still .So I have them moving again which is a good feeling.

This is my finished big quilt getting raffled for charity.

 Finished this single bed  child's quilt , for a dear little girl 3 year old. The colours are not showing very well. It is really pretty.
On the clothes line.

My grandson Korbyn bringing his lizard for a visit.

I am very excited because soon I will be getting a little female  puppy like this one .A Silky Terrier. mine is only 3 weeks old now and in around 5 weeks should be ready for me to collect .
 Our Spring is nearly finished and we are already getting very hot days .In New South Wales  90 fires are being attended to . It has been very dry in Australia and the centre already has days of  40C plus and here on the coast Saturday  was 33C. So thinking very hot weather coming this Summer.

Happy Quilting.
Jen xx