Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Project Finished.

Hello everyone. I love connecting with my blogging friends and this certainly is a place of interest on here with our treasures and creations on display. The enthusiasm is very catching .
Today I have been pulling out projects for myself that I would like to achieve. Projects I have had my mind on for a while that I would love to make this year.
I have finished one small project and mailed it on its way.

Quilties Trade The button is at the bottom of my blog. It sounds fun to do and not a big project to get done.
 Go to Sandra Kaye blog and you can see the Quilties .

Here are mine I have sent.

 The theme was lace so I put some lace embelishment on them.
I also tried to keep the fabric  Australian.

This last week on the 25th I have to admit to a Birthday.
I shared the day with dear friends and my Daughter and 3 of my  8 grandchildren.

At least I made another birthday I guess.
Happy Quilting 
Jen x

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Symbols of Australia Day.

Our flag the symbol of Australia.
The symbols of Australia Day which include The Australian National Flag with it's representations of the Union Jack.
The Commonwealth Star and the five stars of the Southern Cross.
The National Anthem. Advance Australia Fair. Other symbols,is our golden Wattle. Our floral emblem.
The opal, our national gemstone and the national colours of green and gold.
The nations population of 21million.

Koala bear is an Australian marsupial, it's natural habitat among the Gum trees.

 Emus large flightless birds and is paired with the kangaroo on the Australian Coat of Arms.
They live in Australias grass lands.

You will find kangaroos in most places in Australia and are on the Australian Coat of Arms.

Our beautiful Gum trees  a  Ghost Gum. There is over 500 species of gum trees
The eastern Rosella bird you find nesting among the gum trees. One of many birds in the Gums

The outback road trains.

This sign speaks for itself on our northern rivers and beaches.

In the National Capital of Canberra is the National Parliment House and the National Museum.

The National Art Gallery.                                                      Have a happy Australia Day.
Hope you enjoyed some of my Australia.
Jen x

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Started to collect .

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well for you!!
I have started to organise my projects for this year and have collected some fabric for a Quilt  I saw in my book Quilting Illusions by the" Eye Fooler" expert Celia Eddy. Published in 2004  by Murdoch Books. So I have had the book for a while.  She shows how you can produce wonderful Eye Fooler quilts with visual impact and depth to them.

 Storm at Sea is the name of the Quilt .Looking at it in one way a pattern of waves emerge in a wavy movement. That is where the name comes from . Looking from another perspective you can see interlocking circles.

These effects are caused by the positioning of the long diamonds on four sides of the block.
In keeping with the traditional Storm at Sea Quilts tend to be pieced in blue fabrics.
I only need four fabrics .
I think that is the least amount of fabric I have ever used in a quilt before.
So I am really looking foreward to getting started  with my Storm at Sea.
My 1st Grandchild is turning 21 in April so I would like to make Storm at Sea for him.

These two fabrics of Australian Flowers I collected as I am doing the" I'm trading Quilties" at Sandra Kaye. She is in my blog list I follow. There is a button for this at the bottom of my posts if you would like to have a look. I tried to put it at the top of my design but couldn't get it to go there. I will have to try again . It sounds like good  fun to trade.

This bundle I found for a future project. The colours don't show vey well .I think it is time for a new camera. I have had this one for a while so a new one might go on the list.
 Does everyone have a list or is it only me .haha.
Happy Quilting,
Jen x

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing as yet on my placement Wall.

Well here I am on my computer I nearly forget what to do with it.  Just wanted to say hello!!
I have nothing new to show but hope to have something on the design wall soon. I have been doing some preparations for a new project so will be ready when the school holidays are over to make up for lost sewing time.

My lovely grandchildren on my computer. The reason I don't get a turn . lol

 I did find an embroidery I had forgotten about.Not sure what to make with it as yet. 'Apple Annie'.

Another embroidery I made and have it in my kitchen. My little quilt.

Have a lovely sewing weekend.
Stay happy and well.
Jen x

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All packed Away.

Hello Everyone!!
Well it is still school holidays here till the end of January and I have one Grandaughter still staying with me from Tamworth and three Grandsons live around the corner.
My computer is being taken over so I don't get a turn between the 4 of them lol . They all have their own pc's but mine is the best they tell me because it is a new fast  Gaming computer. I do have another one but it is too slow they say. I have to agree at times. They run back and forth all day from their house to mine and have the computers linked to the same game.
 I have to have some extra cooking on hand as they are always in the cupboard and fridge. They can get a bit noisy as the are 6yrs,12,13 and 15yrs. Other than that they are well behaved. lol. They are fun to have around.
Kris my grandaughter has been sewing her quilt as she only gets to do it while staying here in the school holidays. All the fabrics she chose herself.  The top is finished and the quilt is pinned all together, I helped her to do the pinning as it takes a while to do . Not sure on the quilting but I am thinking sewing in the ditch will be good for her to learn.

Kristy  with  Pop giving her a hand to show and share .

 Having packed away all the Chrissy decorations I must say seemed a bigger job packing them away, not like the fun it was putting them up !! Anyway the house is back to normal again.

A lot less work to do and more sewing days as soon as school holidays are over.
 A saying I like.
HOUSEWORK  can't KILL you but why take a chance!!

Yesterday I spent the day getting my fabric drawers, cupboard and shelves in order for 2012 sorting what I wanted to keep and what had to go. Taking stock I call it.
All neat and tidy again. A great feeling being inspired to start some new projects. So many wonderfull projects out there.
One thing I must do in 2012 is practise,practise,practise some free motion quilting. I don't ever seem to make time to do this for some reason.

I must go and put some patty cakes in the oven, They will last probably last 1 hour and be all gone. haha.
Till next time .
Jen x

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello! Happy New Year to all my dear blogging friends who have been terrific calling in to my blog and taking the time to comment, and so motivating and helpfull to me in my 6 months of blogging. I appreciate it and thank you  kindly.

This month Down Under is our summer where we celebrate the holidays .
 Rest and relaxation is the order of the day with  togetherness and fun times. The sea temperature is just right for a swim in the surf and I look foreward to a spot of beach fishing and laying on the beach with my book.. Most of the beaches are on average only 10 minutes from us.

Newcastle Beach and Merewether Beach.

Also not far  is our beautiful Lake Macquarie being 4 mins drive from our front door. for picnic lunches or a paddle  at the edge of the lake. Our lake is  lovely and unspoilt located close to major centres and is situated south of Newcastle N.S.W.

 Lake Macquarie is Australias largest coastal saltwater lake with approx.170 Kilometeres of foreshore.
Belmont on the map is where we live.

At 1,342 square kilometeres .This lake is 4 times the size of Sydney Harbour.

Here I am taking one of the Grandchildren for a walk around the lake. This photo I used for my profile in Blogger.

This is Mt Sugarloaf and is only 15 Km,s  from our front door.

 Mt Sugarloaf has several lookouts and walking tracks leading from the car park and barbecue picnic areas and is in the Lower Hunter regions of N.S.W. Australia.

No sewing projects to post at the moment as I need to visit some quilting shops to add to my stash which hopefully will do in the next few days .Kristy my grandaughter is here for part of the holidays and I have been tracing some embroidery prints for her to embroider for her next project and she is hoping to finish the top of her music quilt while here. I really love Christmas but was very busy with 30 adults and 19 Children for Christmas Day .It was a great day.
Nice to be back on here .
Happy sewing for the New Year.
Jen x