Sunday, August 26, 2012

Show Quilts and On the Road Again.

Hello dear blogging friends and Followers.
On the road again. Not going to the steamy tropics nore the snow capped mountains at this time of the year. It is nearly Spring so heading West and along the way we should see an abundance of native flora and fauna that inhabits the regions we will be travelling through enjoying the stunning natural beauty of our countryside.The weather is looking good at the moment so looking foreward to some sunny days.         Here we are with the caravan.

 Travelling with friends who have a Camper.
Our Golden Wattle floral emblem of Australia. We will see a many flowering bushes along the way.
Our Flora .
All of Europe's area fits into Australia with room to spare to fit in other countries so it takes us a long time to travel around our stunning landscapes with so many truly amazing things to see.

I came across these quilts They were the best of show quilts from the State Quilting Guild shows Australia 2011.
This  is Freedom by Helen Godden  (Preston -Dreaming).
This is the red hooded black Cockatoo the Gang Gang and they come from inland Australia and through to the coastal forests. A native of Australia.

An a amazing Quilt.

  Here is a photo of the black  Cockatoo from Inland Australia. We will see these on our travels. Their black feathers are lovely and shiny. We have had some flying around here overhead lately away from where they usually gather.

This next quilt The Travelling Friendship Quilt began in Maleny Queensland. Australia in January 2011 was sent to Australian States and Territories. The blocks made by many groups was sent from group to group, friend to friend within each State. A suitcase full which were then made into the 4 metre square Friendship Quilt.

All these 60 quilts from the Quilting Guild Inc of New South Wales displayed at the Sydney Quilt Show.  Celebrating 30 yrs on June 13th 2011.

I have saved some projects to post on here while I'm away if I can connect to the internet.
I am not taking my machine with me this time. I have some knitting, embroidery and applique to do so shouldn't miss my Janome too much.
Have a happy sewing week.
Jen x

Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping my Projects Moving

Hello!! Everyone,
I had an enjoyable day yesterday wandering around the Newcastle Craft and Sewing Show here from Thursday 16th August till Sunday 19th August from 10am till 4-30pm. More than 70 exhibitors selling their craft materials with Seminars and Workshops.  A door prize on entering for a chance to win a a Retro Style Sewing Machine for 1st prize. Value $659 . A second prize draw for a patchwork pack from Logans Patchwork Pack .Value $500 .I am still waiting for a phone call!!

The stall I thought was really creative exhibiting there was Patchwork with Gail B  phone (03)97293635  I just loved everything on display there.

These quilts on display are so inspiring from the Novocastrian Quilters inc The quilters is an Association which brings together people who have an interest in patchwork and quilting functioning since 1984 supporting local quilting and craft shops.
These are some of the fabulous quilts on display.

These last 2 photos are small quilts some quite contemporary with textiles and themes.

At the moment I am sewing my little quilties to send to Sandra Kayes Quiltie Trade for next month. A very satisfying and fun little project. I am keeping my projects moving along working on a couple at the same time. I did complete the top of my Storm at Sea Quilt, thank goodness I say! I found working with the  batik fabrics a nightmare as they were so stretchy and there was 49 pieces to each block.  It has a quite dramatic effect resembleing rolling waves. It is being made for my eldest Grandson.
 I look foreward to some sewing this weekend .The weather here for the weekend is forecast for the coldest weekend so far this winter. So I think the warmest place will be the sewing room.
Have a happy sewing weekend.
Jen x

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not a lot happening on my Janome.

Hello Everyone,
 It is nice to connect with my Blogger friends. Hope this post finds you all well.
Not much sewing happening here but I did make a Cancer Awareness Ribbon block for the wall in my sewing room.
 3 1/2 yrs ago I had the bad news of early breast cancer, invasive ductul carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  There is no one way to approach a diagnosis of early breast cancer. You have to acknowledge what is happening, deal with the treatment and other aspects of your life.  3/12 years on I am cancer free. I guess the person we are today is the sum of our life experiences. A serious life event challenges us to dig deep and think what is more meaningful and important in life and relationships.

I received a parcel in the mail from my friend Eva who I met through blogging. Eva is from the Czech Republic and has sent me some beautiful handwork and information about  her hobbies and where she lives in in the Czech Republic. In a beautiful city named Chodov. Thank you Eva.

The small Wattle trees across from my front door in the bush are in bloom .They are so bright and yellow I couldn't resist to pick a 'little' bit . Wattle is protected as it is the floral emblem for Australia so I shouldn't really pick it!!.
It is also used for Bush Tucker.  Useing the Wattle Seed has been the mainstay in the diet  of Indigenous Australians for thousands of years and has now a diverse number of uses in the kitchen.
Some RECIPES are: 
Wattle Seed Crocodile with Wild Fruit,  Wattle Seed Tiramisu,  Wattle Seed Macadamia Nut Anzac Biscuits.
 Wattle Seed is available in the Bush Food shops.

See it is only a 'little bit', saying that makes me feel better for takeing some.

We have had Milo our Cockateil with us for 5 weeks now and he is getting very cheeky.

He is so funny and naughty at times for a bird and has started saying some words. The words  he clearly says is  What are you doing !! and other words we can't make out at the moment as he is running them in together. He loves getting his head scratched and comes over to get it done when you tell him.
 I am planning to get heaps of sewing in this week as I have a few projects nearly finished.
Have a happy sewing week.
Jen x