Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy to be Celebrating !!

One year ago today 30th June 2011.  I started my first blog and when I look back appropriately my first heading was "Hello out There" and I joined the blogging world.
Even though I have been noted as being on Blogger since 2008, was when I signed into the blog account as a invite to view my life long friends blogged holiday photos. The blog account sat there till 1 yr ago today when I started my first blog post.
I didn't have a clue. It took me ages to get the first post started all by trial and error. I stayed with it and persevered inspite of not haveing much computer knowledge and found I really enjoy blogging.I am not as good as some, but I love it. I am still learning.
I did find it can be very time consuming while haveing lots of joy and fun in the Blogging community of kind and lovely people shareing their knowledge, journeys and beautiful craft that I so enjoy seeing and reading.
It is so exciting to me that someone will actually click to view my posts and take the time to comment, follow me and email. I can always remember my very first followers and comments being from Radka and Connie, who's blogs are amazing.
I really appreciate all your comments and emails and how you have helped me along my way. Even though I have not met you personally I have come to know you all as dear friends who's blogs I so look foreward to reading.
Thank You  to everyone who has supported me in the past year or has been a visitor to my blog with your kind words and inspirations.

This is   WHERE  I  LIVE  in my part of the World.
I live in a suburb of Newcastle in the state of New South Wales in country  Australia.  and this is Newcastle harbour what all the ships see as they enter to fill up with coal from the coal loaders. There can be as many as 40 ships waiting for entry out to sea on any day. I will have to take a photo one day and show you as you can see them when driving along the esplanade.

Ther is plenty of lookouts to watch the whales go by. This is near one spot we go for whale watching.The whales are coming through a lot later this year on their migration north due to the effect of el nino they say. We are getting around 200 whales a day at the moment. My husband and I go and look for around an hour and always see at least 6.
On the photo above I live where the sky meets the hills  half way across the photo on the coast not far from the sea and lake.   From the bottom of the above photo to the top about 15 minutes drive.

Newcastle City above
 Lake Macquarie is a suburb where I live .You can see the ocean at the top and the entry where it enters the lake on the right. I live half way down on the left side of the photo. A few minutes from the lake and a few minutes from the sea.

Our small part of the walking track around the lake.

We are a very big country with wide open spaces and far horizons.

Thank you all again Have a happy sewing weekend.
                        Jen x

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winter has arrived .

It was 17C here today and a very cold wind factor. We even had frost this morning.  Later the sun was shining and I found a protected warm sunny spot outside and sat with my little quilties for a while and sewed the bindings ready for the next  Quilties Trade at Sandra Kaye blog .

I have some lovely  quilts to share by my dear friends at our weekly sewing group.
Anne has finished her beautiful Quilt and is very happy with the finished result.

Her choice of fabric is stunning.

Any child would love Lyn's bright and fun I Spy quilt. Ideal for a young child.

Sondra also had a finish with the top of her quilt, beautiful rich colours and the star layout is striking.

I love quilts with stars

Val has been working on the centerpiece for her new project and it is already looking beautiful.

The ladies are makeing good progress with their projects at this stage .They are a little shy of the camera. haha
I am very lucky to have such lovely people as sewing companions these last 8 yrs.

My new bird arrived and he is so funny and already  has a little personality .His name is Milo and is 6 months old. He has to get used to us yet and know he can trust us. Each day he does more  and loves being near us.
I made a mat for under his cage incase he made a mess with his seed but he hasn't as yet. He has been here 3 days now and he can be a little bit  'naughty' when I leave him he gets really loud and doesn't like being by himself.  lol.  He will be allowed out of his cage soon, when he settles in.

Have a happy sewing week .
Jen x

Monday, June 11, 2012

The mercury has been dipping.

Absolutely freezing temperatures, pelting down rain and pounding seas here on our coast.

We usually have a walk around there but not at the moment!!
It was a good day to clean out the knitting and scrapbook cupboard . So now it looks more organised and tidy.
Then sit and snuggle up  with some hand embroidery while listening to the rain hitting the windows. I finished sewing the last side of binding on the Baby mat .One more UFO less on the table that has been there for a few weeks.

We are getting an addition to our family in a few weeks. A baby bird, a " Cockatiel". The smallest of the cockatoo family and are native to the outback regions of inland Australia.
I have been preparing in readiness for him to arrive and I am making a quilted mat for under his cage stand as he will be inside most of the time. I have the top completed and should get the batting and back finished this week and then sew a cage quilt cover for him during the night.

Fun to make was my Elvis Presley Pillow.

I would like you to meet 2 dear sewing friends Anne and Barbara  who each week have a browse at your inspirational posts on my blog.

I am trying to be disciplined to finish my UFO's still and seem to be slowly getting there.
My printing is taking on a mind of its own here tonight and not going where I want it to.
Have a happy sewing week .
Jen x

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here Come the Whales.

Hello, Blogging friends,
 The second day of winter here in Australia and it has turned very cold and raining where I am on the East Coast
My husband and I  love it when the Whales arrive through winter and leave us in the spring.This is when we start whale watching. They are heading north now to give birth migrating from the southern ocean then back again with their new born calves along the Australian east coast heading  to their home in Antartic waters.
We pack the thermos coffee and morning tea to go see them reguarly surfacing. They swim very close to the shoreline and beaches. So is easy to spot them. We are only 10 minutes drive away from the beaches so we spend an hour spotting and each time we see at least 4 to 6. They rest,feed,breach and tail slap. They are so huge and beautiful. Awesome to watch.
I usually take my knitting in the car and if it is not too cold enjoy the outdoors.

Today I have been quilting a baby floor quilt and only have to sew the binding tomorrow and another project finished.  I can show a lovely finished quilt by my friend Anne at sewing class. I think it is beautiful.  My camera doesn't show the colours that well.

Seeing as what I have been complaining about my camera of late  I now have a new one that came in the mail yesterday . Sent to me from my dear son and daughter-inlaw. He said it has twice as many megapixels ,more optical zoom and lots of other features.  It is little and cute. Thank you my dear ones.

And!!! I am saving this till last. My purchase of a Go Baby Accuquilt fabric cutter parcel came the same day with  the mail man.  Exciting day it was.  So I am haveing a lovely play with my new toys this weekend.

I look foreward to a day of sewing tomorrow.  Happy sewing  to you also.
Jen x