Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Latest Happenings.

Our National day of Remembrance in Australia. April 25th.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning We Will Remember Them.  Lest We Forget.

Red Poppies were amongst the first plants to come out in the battle fields of France and Belgium. In folklore the vivid red poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground. A Lieutenant Colonel wrote the poem  'In Flanders Fields'  about the red poppy.
It is popular in wreaths used on Anzac Day.
Sprigs of Rosemary are worn on Anzac Day as rosemary was found to be growing wild in Gallipoli.

Today my 5th Grandchild Korbyn  marched with the returned soldiers to represent my Dad his Great Grandfather. He really wanted to do this and has been asking for ages. His Dad took him to one of  the Anzac Marches. He loves this photo of my Dad and his medals.

Crazy Patch.
This is a beautiful quilt block being worked by our sewing class teacher who is motivating us to start a heritage quilt as we often talk about this as a  project for us.
Lee's quilt block is beautiful and is elaborately embroidered with a range of stitches.
Cream and White tone on tone and a great variety of stitching styles.

Beautifully embellished,  stunning techniques and the art of crazy patchwork.
I am being so motivated by this block . I have been collecting some fabrics in the cream and white fabrics and embellishments. I would love to get started on this but I am being strong and must finish some UFO'S. Not all of them haha  just 1or 2.

Something amazing happened to my delight .
.I am knitting a cardigan in Sirdar Mignon yarn and I am nearly finished when  I realize I am going to be short of the wool to finish. I went on the internet to a few sites to see if I could find the same wool because it is not in the shops any more .I purchased this wool years ago. On the Ravelry site I found 2 balls in a stash advertised on there. I inboxed the person and she said if I still have it it's yours and the next week it arrives in the post to my house and is the same dyelot as mine!!! unbelievable. What a lovely kind person to take the trouble. I am sending her a little something  as she wouldn't let me purchase it from her.

Knitting is a journey of delights.
Believe all things are possible.
Your friend.
Jen x

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two CFI'S .

Hello Everyone in Blog Land,
Two  CFI'S 

 I'm told that it means (completely finished items) to display. 
This past weekend didn't see any sewing from me like I planned as I had a reaction  to a pneumonia needle that I had when I was having the winter flu needle.
I felt terrible and couldn't move my arm ,it was burning red like my face and with fevers and headaches. That was Friday till Monday and today is Tuesday so feel like a normal human  again.  Only 5% of people get a reaction and it is a 5 year needle but I am not sure I would like another one in 5 years.
Well I am back into the sewing today and went to class and worked on the Wonky Donkey quilt.

Sorting my fabrics.
  It is going to be fun and creative selecting the fabrics. Though I am sure it will take a while to complete.


 One  table mat I finished was a quilt that I took to work on of a night while touring in our caravan.
It was a good size to take with me and embroider at night or afternoon.


 My lovely sewing companions at class have a quilt each for me to showcase.
Kay has finished an adorable and cute baby quilt.

Val with her quilts showcases beautiful fabrics and is so dedicated to her quilting.
Floral designs  are glorious and her quilt of Australian floral natives is a field of flowers.

My sewing friends are so dedicated and motivating.

It is time for me to give an update on Milo our naughty little bird that we love. Who never wants to go back in his cage after he has been out for a while and the two of us have to chase him for ages at times. haha

So after we have tried to coax him into his cage for ages ,we pretend we are not takeing any notice of him to see if he will go back himself and Ray has a  lay on the lounge .Well Milo is straight over there ,he loves Ray and tries to make Ray take notice of him . We do get him back eventually. He really is funny.
He is going to  be sent to the bad boys home . We have to have a cuppa after he is back in .LOL
Your friend,
Jen x