Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 days Left

2 more days then back home. Our beach holiday will be over and back into some serious Christmas preparations and Quilting time.
I haven't been able to do a post as the internet wireless server I am using from the park where we have been staying is so slow. I have only been able to check my emails and view quickly my blog to see what has been happening with my blogging friends. Who, I have to say have been very busy with their projects and I have enjoyed viewing this .
I have a few photos to post from our beach stay at Scotts Head. (keeping my fingers crossed this happens)

 Some blocks I have been sewing for a fun quilt of sayings while I have been away.

The beach  is just 150 ft from where our caravan is parked .The top right hand corner of this photo is my fishing spot.

I wasn't sure if I would put this photo up but here I am . Having fun. Not one of my best photos. haha.

I will leave you with this photo of our beloved Australian kangaroos in the vineyard from Queensland.
I have really missed being able to do this.
Bye for now as I can hear the surf rolling in.
Jen x

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

6 Weeks and 3 days till Christmas!!!

I can't believe Christmas will be here so soon. I have achieved most of my Christmas shopping.
 I just love Christmas with all the family together,and we still have babies who believe in Santa .They are so special and our big grandchildren also still keep in the Christmas spirit.
I have finished my Christmas stocking to put out for Santa.

The stocking is the only Christmas project I chose to sew this year. It did take a while to embelish but was fun to do. I think last year I did a few projects and wasn,t interested in more  projects this year. Just my stocking I was happy to do.

Well we are going away again  for 2 weeks .Escapeing might be a better word. Running away  to the sun and surf .
This is how we are going!

We will be staying here a few steps to the beach.

This is what my husband and I are going to do. Also
                                          lots of walks ,reading, swimming and I have some hand sewing with me.
                                          I will pack my computer to try and keep up with what is happening
                                          on here.
Till next time ,Happy sewing, Luv Jen x

Friday, November 4, 2011

Surprised Myself !

I have been slowly adding to my Dear Jane blocks having renewed motivation to complete a small quilt .
I have been trying to sew at least one a week, usually on the weekend. I counted them in my block book today and to my surprise I have 15 blocks finished.

My Block book.

This is my latest  Dear Jane block.

Here are my 15 blocks .

Hopefully by the New Year I will have enough for a small quilt. This UFO has been sitting in my book for a while now so will be a good feeling to have it completed.

I finished a small  pumpkins quilt for Halloween, even though it is not an Australian tradition the children love calling at your door for trick or treat here and I like to make sure I have a big basket of  lollies  for them .They get all dressed  in their costumes and have big smiles on their face at the door.
So I embroidered the pumpkins to join in the fun.

Goodnight! Have a lovely sewing weekend.
Jen x