Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcomeing 2014

G'day friends and followers,
I would like to wish you all a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2014 and wishing you much pleasure with  setting about your sewing projects for 2014.
I seem to have a few projects lined up already. I am looking foreward to starting something new.
During the mad Christmas rush I have managed to do some small items.

A Pinnafore dress from pinny #1 for my 6year old granddaughter.

A fabric box for patterns etc. I actually made 2 different boxes ( Gudrun !!) and I forgot to take a photo of the other .The other box being smaller. They were fun and quick to make and seem quite useful.

Also some last minute cooking that I sent around to my Grandchildren around the corner from me to decorate. I think half were eaten while decorating.

Here is the 4 Grandchildren living around the corner from me.
I was Jacob's last year of school at Belmont Christian College. His formal night and of course they all had to run in for a photo. (Korbyn ,Jacob, Kristy and Caleb.)

Jacob ready for his Formal. University for him in the new year.

2 more of my Grandies. Kristy and her little sister Elsie.

Our lovely girl Shaylah  6 1/2 yrs.

I still have 2 more to share and will next time as having trouble bringing them on  here for some reason .

Through loving, listening and lightening up we can have a magnificent relationship with our grandchildren.

 Have a wonderful New Year holiday.
Happy sewing.
Jen x

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Countdown is on!!

Dear friends, Hello!!
The countdown is on in earnest here as it won't be long till Santa comes.
Christmas preparations are under way .We have been shopping, shopping ,shopping and the gifts are finalised. The main gifts being for my 8 Grandchildren and other family. Now for the gift wrapping, cooking and the Christmas menu which I haven't decided as yet. Also sleeping arrangements for the family comeing from the country. 5 extra beds to make up.(My son and daughter in-law and 4 children). My daughter her husband and 4 children just live close around the corner from us .Then there is the extended families on Christmas day. A very big few days over Christmas. I think I had better hurry up and prioritize a few things around here No.1` no watching the cricket!!
There is plenty of fun things happening. Christmas parties to attend. Celebrating Christmas with our friends. A lovely time of the year.
Not much sewing happening. My big quilting projects I want to start can wait till the New Year. I am just doing some Dear Jane blocks when I can manage to be in the sewing room.
I have to admit the Cricket ( the Ashes between Australia and England) has me glued to the television this last week instead of doing my jobs!! hehe.
Our Tuesday class group had a combined get together Christmas party with the other day groups of the week. Some great people, great food and a great show and tell of some stunning quilts made by the ladies.

 Tuesday girls. My lovely sewing friends.

Show and Tell.

 More quilts to show another time.

Amazing quilts. So inspiring to see. Looking close the detail is stunning and the lovely colour matched fabrics.

I received a lovely sewing set for my Secret  Santa gift beautifully sewn by my dear sewing friend Kay. I just love it so handy and useful.  I was so happy. Thank you Kay.
Our first week of summer here in Australia and it is already into the 30C's. We plan on a very hot Christmas day.
I want to thank you all who visit my blog you are truly appreciated.
I hope you all have a great week and will be happy and well.
Jen x


Monday, November 25, 2013

Secret Santa time.

Hello Everybody,
All my sewing friends are working on their Secret Santa projects bringing some excitement to our weekly class . Thinking about what project to make for the persons  name they drew out.
On the weekend I  finished my Secret Santa gift ready for our Christmas Party day.
My pincushion and door hanger.

 I'm hopeing that she likes them and can put them to use.

I just love getting to quilting class to see what current projects have been created during the week. I make sure I always take my camera.
Two showcases this week.
One from Barbara who is so dedicated to her quilting and produces beautiful quilts. I love the formula of this quilt, the fabric, the florals, the colours, and even the name. "The Tree of Life".

A Baby quilt or Wall hanging Glenda has been working on. Glenda is so creative with her quilts and how cute is this teddy bear quilt.

I love those little teddys.

I mentioned in my last post and put a photo of dear hubby assembling a quilting frame. Well he has finished and next post I will show you how we store it out of the way till needed .They take up a lot of room. We intend to have a lot of fun with it and hope to master some quilting.

This last couple of weeks here it has been teeming with rain, big storms and hail and has turned quite cool also huge seas. Just before the rain started we had bush fires from the heat and drought!!!
As long as tomorrow is fine for my quilting class.
Happy Sewing week everyone,
Jen x

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back again .

Hello everyone,
I have been away in the caravan . I am back today after a 2 week break at the beach  camping ,swimming ,walks.  Seeing and enjoying the dolphins playing in the surf everyday. At beautiful Foster /Tuncurry Beach Holiday Park. Nestled between Nine Mile Beach and the Wallis Lake outlet channel. N.S.W.
The internet wasn't a very strong signal for posting and photos while away but I did manage a few looks on here  as I love seeing what projects my talented bloggie friends are currently doing.

While away I did finish 2 more Civil War 41/2" blocks from Dear Jane. I now have a total of 18 . I am not making a full size quilt but will make a wall hanging with them. Some I have hand stitched and some have been on the sewing machine.

I also had a near finish of some embroidery for a secret santa  gift. Can't show yet.
I would love to show you  my dear sewing friend Barbara's Tree of Life quilt. I just love the colours and beautiful fabrics. Barbara has embellished the lady with gold thread and it is really beautiful.

I just had to go to the Patchwork shop while away. My dear hubby says we must have been to everyone of them in Australia by now!!.  Not so.
I did buy some pretty fabric to make my granddaughter a little dress for the summer..

And who could resist adding to the wool stash a big bargain ball of wool (300m) for knitting  a shawl for the cooler weather. A fun quick project.

Some holiday photos.

The rock pool  at the ocean entrance.

That is me with my cap and sun glasses on,  As I never get my hair wet going under or get caught by a big wave comeing in. I don't go out that far.  haha

Every morning the surfers at Nine Mile beach waiting for the best wave to come in.

Last but not least here is dear hubby putting together a quilting frame for us to use. We have never tried this before so we expect to have some fun working this out!!. He is very keen to have a go and is preparing a spot in the garage to keep it assembled .Pulling it to the ceiling and lowering it when needed onto a mat.

Thank goodness we have had a decent pour of rain last night and today which will douse the few fires that were around in the bush. Not looking foreward to a hot dry summer and more fires starting..
Well must get to bed as I have to empty the caravan and give it a clean in the morning.
Happy sewing week.
Jen x

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Devestating and frightening.

A State Emergency has been declared this week as bush fires ravish New South Wales, Australia destroying several communities and gale forced winds pushing the fires towards homes. Temperatures soared and homes became under threat. All this within 30 minutes and 1 hour drive away from where I live.
Families evacuating their homes to save their lives and the fire crews struggling to battle huge fires since Thursday, plus gale forced winds.
We had planned to visit the Blue Mountains over the weekend and visit the little communities and scenic views in the area and now hundreds of Fire Fighters are there battling to save homes from being lost. Fires are starting up everywhere and the roads are closed.
 I'm shareing some photos from the N.S.W. Rural Fire Services .This is what our brave exhausted fire fighters are up against.

At the back of  Newcastle Airport which was a real worry. That is some of the car park.
This photo I took looking from my back fence.. The fires where all around us at least 15 to 20 minutes drive away.
This is Sydney with the clouds of smoke over the city.

A popular beach and jetty and small town was victim to the fires.
Looking foreward to a quieter week on the fire front and hopeing for some rain to help our brave fire fighters.
I did finish a childs quilt last week a quilt as you go which was fun  and colourful.

It is to use for a picknik mat.

I made this next quilt and was using it for a throw and decided to put it on our bed for a change. Just for a while as I have always liked this quilt and put my teddy Lynnie on our bed . Lynnie who I think is adorable was hand made by my dear talented friend Lynne  who is one of our quilting group.

Thank you for visiting my blog you are truly appreciated.
God bless our brave Fire Fighters.
Happy sewing week .
Jen x