Thursday, February 27, 2020

Better times ahead.

Hello Everyone .
Hoping all is happy and well with you.
Well things have settled down here in Australia .We have had lots of rain and the fires are gone but some places are having flash flooding and cyclones along the coast and still the heat is around. Our summer is nearly over and I am looking forward to some cooler weather.

Have started my quilting again after sewing only wildlife bedding ,wraps ,blankets, and pouches for the carers of all the different sick animals for a few weeks so now have some quilt finishes to be completed .

The sewing group have been productive .

 Val and Barbara.Quilt stack and whack.
Lynne . Childrens quilt for charity.
 Glenda scrap quilt.
My quilt for my sister.

My quilt for my grandaughter.

Our friends at the beach.
 Our dear little Koalas nearly wiped out with the fires .Thousands have died so sad. Plus other wildlife.
Thank you for visiting .
Stay happy and well.
Jen xx

Friday, February 7, 2020

The Australian Spirit.

Hello Everybody and Happy New Year.

We have just experienced ferocious bush fires here in Australia since the month of September. 34 fatalities, more than 2,100 homes lost, 18,636 hectares burnt leaving devestation through 6 states and territories.
Christmas was no let up ,it was falling ash around us smoke in the air, worst air pollution  millions of people choking on the smoke and wild fires, blackened days.

Heartbreaking !! the countrys koala population have been a major victim of the bushfires. Our Koalas are considered a vulnerable species with thousands of the animals killed .
It has been estimated that 1.25 billion native animals have been killed. kangaroos ,koalas, wallabies,wombats,echnidas,and more 8,400 koalas may have perished in the fires alone just in my State of New South Wales and rising. Some could be extinct. So sad.
Wild life rescuers have been scouring the bush for surviving animals.
Temperatures have been extreme well into the 40C plus. Australia is still in drought conditions one of the most severe in years. We are all on water restrictions.

This is a dust storm rolling in hitting regional towns ,turning day into night, caused by the draught and no rain or crops in the ground. Picking up the loose dirt from the dry.

Our beautiful Koalas in care saved  from the fires.

The fires deverstating our country towns.

Some nice things to view that is not so heartbreaking as what Australia has been through.
these pretty quilts from the sewing group. Some cute baby quilts

This is my helper Chloe.  Helping me place the blocks of a bed runner. Has to be in everything.
All those countries fitting in to Australia .Amazing.

I have been busy the last month making a variety of pouches ,wraps, bedding for the injured and burnt wildlife animals rescued from the fires for the carers to use for their rehabilitation to return to their habitat.
Wallaby hanging pouches. some of the wraps yet to be delivered.

The wildlife carers.
A baby bat nursed in a bat wrap to sleep and keep warm.
Australians have come together to help each other .
Thank you to the firefighters not just Australia's,  also the firefighters from all the countries who came and sacrificed their lives to help during the bushfire horror. That is the Australian spirit to help and support one another in strength and mateship.

At the moment we are waiting for the heaviest torrential rainfall in years to approach.We go from fires to flash floods ,damaging winds and heavy rainfall arriving later today .
I must say it is lovely and cool for a change.
Stay Happy and well.
Great to be back on here.💗
Jen  xx