Monday, May 26, 2014

Amazing T/Shirt Quilt.

Hello regular readers and all who may call in,
 I have an amazing quilt top for you to see especially those of you who are old Rock n  Roll music fans or since the 60's Rock group fans.
This quilt  top is made from T/shirts collected from live music concerts and festivals and will be a great memory quilt .
I am sure you will remember some of the names on the shirt fronts.

Our class teacher Lee has pierced together these t/shirts and they look amazing, perfectly finished after backing each block  so as the t/shirt fabric doesn't stretch out of shape. I am sure the recipient will be delighted when he receives the finished quilt.
We are so lucky to have Lee as a friend and quilting teacher. I think she certainly has heaps of patience as she passes on her knowledge and skills to us all.

Lee ,Sue and Vicki, friends  from my quilting class are sorting  fabric from everyone to make a charity quilt as we are all contributing 3 blocks each.

One of my three blocks.

I am haveing a sewing room take over in my house at the moment by my Grandson who is liveing with us from the country while he waits for his Army papers to join the Australian Defence Force.

Binding my grandaughters quilt . Should have it finished this week.

Our Autumn weather has been beautiful days with temperatures of 26C so with my hubby and grandson we are makeing sure to enjoy them by spending time at the beach, lunching and whale watching as only a few more days and it is winter!! .

Happy sewing week everyone.
Jen x

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trying to get my projects finished.

Hello dear readers,

I haven't a finish for myself  at the moment. I have some very close finishes waiting for quilting and binding .I am hopeing for some more sewing days next week  to get this done as I have a few new projects in mind. My placement wall is empty as I am quilting my current project.
.I am taking the opportunity to share and showcase some of  Joannah's ( my dear niece)   quilts she made in this post.

The fabric selections are bright and happy for this childs quilt.

 Another lovely selection of fabric.
Any child would love these quilts .

This quilt is spectacular with the vibrant colours and the prints are a focus of  the Aboriginals life and spirituality.

Civil War block.

I love the bright colour  matched prints on this quilt.

This week I have planned more time in the woman's cave  aka the sewing room and hopefully without any
 distractions from outside influences.

Happy sewing week.
Stay happy and well.
Jen x