Friday, July 1, 2011

I love my Block Book

HI!  Today here is very cold and raining so I have been keeping warm by sewing my flannelette quilt top together.It felt so soft and warm.

I am putting up some photos of my quilt block book I made to carry and keep some of my blocks in as I sew them for any project I am working on at that time.

The size I chose for my book when opened is 31"-17"inches  and when closed 17"-17"inches.
The pages are made with felt so my squares stay put in it . The felt pages are just slightley smaller than the book cover.

The cover for my book is a large square block I had made and not used plus fabric from my stash for border,backing and binding plus left over wadding.

Any spare blocks can be used,oversized can be trimmed,smaller ones stitched together or just your chosen fabric plus wadding ,backing and binding. Then you have a book.

Make your quilt book by placing  the measured felt pages on the opened out book cover and fold in half.

Sew through all thicknesses  1/2"inch in on the left hand side edge of the book so the felt pages stay in place.

I love my book and use it all the time taking it to class. Keeps my blocks tidy and flat and can always find them.

I hope my book was of some interest for you.
 Till next time  Jen,


Radka said...

Hi Jen! First of all - big welcome to the blogging world! Just a word of warning, it is an addiction, if it really gets you, you will need your "fix" daily !!! LOL
I am into my second year and I must say that blogging has become a big part of my life and I have made new friends around the world :-)
Thank you for your visit and lovely comment :)
I love your Block Book, what a good idea! The Book itself is a piece of art:-)
Oh, a just a note, it might be a good idea to add your Profile to your front page :-))

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