Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Latest Happenings here

Today has been such a lovely day with perfect Autumn weather and lunch with dear friends.
How is everyone in blogland creating away with so many wonderful things to share.
As for me I have been working on a few projects this week and have one finished and  some progress is happening on the others. Hopefully by the weekend another project will be finalised

I have ready to put in the post my Quilties  for the Quilty Trade. Sandra Kaye. blog. They are so fun to sew as there is a theme each trade, the theme this time is Flowers for the small quilts .Very satisfying to see them when finished.

 Ready for the post bag

Some more progress with the Hexagons coming along slowly. If I can get some housework up to date tomorrow I would like to desiginate the weekend to my sewing .Why do we have to clean, cook, wash and iron!!!  Happy quilting                                                                      
 Jen. x