Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello! Everyone, Just saying hello while travelling.
Our first stop on the road nestled in the hills was Nundle the gold mineing town of 150 yrs ago. It's streetscape reminiscent of days gone bye and it's crystal clear creeks and rivers for fossicking for gold which continues to be found with other stones and minerals.
 Sorry to say no striking it rich for us fossicking in the river.

Our camp at Nundle.

While in Nundle we visited the Woolen Mills. I was very good there and just looked as I had not long ago added to my stash of woolen yarns. I was really tempted but stayed strong. I have enough yarn to last me for a few years.

Best find of all was the Cottage on the Hill with beautiful Quilts and Patchwork where we were greeted by  Kerry a lovely person who was very helpfull .You can find Kerry  or  Even the hubbys enjoyed themselves looking at the lovely quilts.

The next day we drove up into the picturesque mountains to the lookout for some bush walking and
the bird watching trails.
Nundle Lookout

It has been very cold during the night and lovely sunny days. Thank goodness Spring is here,so looking foreward to lots of warm sunshine.
Happy Sewing,
Jen x


sew.darn.quilt said...

Thank you for showing us around Nundle and for
defining "fossiciking".
Whew, you had me worried there.
You've made some wonderful stops on your trip, the quilts look lovely and the shop has a rustic feel to it.

laurajane said...

Wonderful,thank you for the updates,
.keep travelling safe.
The word verification may be a problem for me ,but here goes...

Gudrun said...

Have a nice travelling!!!!
Hugs Gudrun
-I was just in Denmark-wonderful too.