Sunday, October 20, 2013

Devestating and frightening.

A State Emergency has been declared this week as bush fires ravish New South Wales, Australia destroying several communities and gale forced winds pushing the fires towards homes. Temperatures soared and homes became under threat. All this within 30 minutes and 1 hour drive away from where I live.
Families evacuating their homes to save their lives and the fire crews struggling to battle huge fires since Thursday, plus gale forced winds.
We had planned to visit the Blue Mountains over the weekend and visit the little communities and scenic views in the area and now hundreds of Fire Fighters are there battling to save homes from being lost. Fires are starting up everywhere and the roads are closed.
 I'm shareing some photos from the N.S.W. Rural Fire Services .This is what our brave exhausted fire fighters are up against.

At the back of  Newcastle Airport which was a real worry. That is some of the car park.
This photo I took looking from my back fence.. The fires where all around us at least 15 to 20 minutes drive away.
This is Sydney with the clouds of smoke over the city.

A popular beach and jetty and small town was victim to the fires.
Looking foreward to a quieter week on the fire front and hopeing for some rain to help our brave fire fighters.
I did finish a childs quilt last week a quilt as you go which was fun  and colourful.

It is to use for a picknik mat.

I made this next quilt and was using it for a throw and decided to put it on our bed for a change. Just for a while as I have always liked this quilt and put my teddy Lynnie on our bed . Lynnie who I think is adorable was hand made by my dear talented friend Lynne  who is one of our quilting group.

Thank you for visiting my blog you are truly appreciated.
God bless our brave Fire Fighters.
Happy sewing week .
Jen x


Radka said...

Oh Jen, how terrible! I haven't seen anything on the news over here (yet).
Our son was in Thredbo several years ago during the fires there,and told us later how terrifying it was trying to get away, so it did bring it very close to home.
My thought are with all over there..

Gudrun said...

It´s so sad to see the photos of the fire and the men who are working in this heat.And it was not so far from you.
We are thinking of you.

Hugs from Gudrun

margaret said...

such devastation the fires are making and so many homes lost, we are getting pictures here in the UK showing the fires but seeing how the smoke is hovering over Sydney made me realise how big the fires are.
I so enjoyed my visit to the Blue Mountains when there in 1996 can still picture them clearly even now in my mind.
Take care and I pray the fires are soon under control we heard on the news this morning that the authorities are worried that three major fires are likely to join up into one enormous one, never has rain been more needed than now.

I pray no lives are lost, so far everyone seems to be safe, God protect your wonderful fire fighters.

Frances Leate said...

I have been watching the news with horror watching the devastation and can't believe all this is happening in October. I remember what the eerie haze was like in Sydney when bush fires were about. Take care.

barbara woods said...

stay safe , we love our aussie friends

Jenny said...

oh jen, so close.. I hope you are all well and the fires are settled by now. Love the quilt on the bed.

Dianne said...

Jen, I do hope the danger has now passed. We could all do with a nice downpour of rain. Wishing everybody well, it is so devastating for people who have lost everything. Di.

Cheryll said...

It was more than a little frightening wasn't it. We so needed the rain we just got didn't we. Lovely quilt on the bed and a gorgeous Lynnie sitting up there all comfy! :)