Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am being strong.

Hello everyone !!
I am being strong staying with my UFO'S since Christmas.
 I am  focused on getting them completed as I have some new projects I can't wait to start. This is motivateing me to be strong and determined as some of my UFO'S have been on my table for months. The end of January should see me finished maybe!!
I was so happy to finish the last sewing on my Storm at Sea Quilt. This quilt is for my eldest grandson Mitchell who is 21yrs.
 I love the design and sewing the batik fabric was not my favourite to sew as the fabric was so stretchy. At its simplest the block needs only 4 fabrics so is a 4 patch block drafted on a 16 x16 square grid but 7 templates are needed. 49 pieces for each block.
The fabric colours offer many design possibilities. In one way a pattern of undulateing waves emerges - hence the name.

Completed Storm at Sea.

I  have received the last of  the Quilties from the Quiltie Trade by Sandie Jensen.
 I have been sending my quilties to be traded for the last 12months. It was most enjoyable and fun.
Also meeting some lovely new blogging friends.

 These lovely quilties were sent to me from the last Trade.
Carolyn from Canada (left) top.
Tova from Arizona. (right) top
The big snowman on bottom from Linda Nth Dakota. Thank you ladies.

We have had here in Australia some intense and erratic weather behaviour.
More than140 fires have been rageing in my State of New South Wales last week and the weekend.
Heatwave conditions we have had on the east coast and across the Centre with temperaturesof 43C and up to 48C inland. More heatwave conditions were expected for the weekend but thankfully the southerly change gave respite with cooler conditions and we had lovely sea breezes through our home here on the coast. Most of the fires are south of us.
The state of Tasmania has endured a week of intense and damageing fires with 550 homes lost.They are being searched as 100 people are unnacounted for. I am hopefull these people will call in safe.
It has been just terrible in the country areas.
These fire photos are from our Television News coverages.

During all these fires in New South Wales in  the Western States they had heatwaves and  dust  storms over the weekend.. High winds have been buffeting the fires with gusts at 100 km plus in some areas and lighting strikes triggered more than 100 bushfires. This dust storm below is in the centre of Australia near Uluru.

I am glad we are over the worst of the fires with many people losing their homes .
It is lovely and cool today and now I can hear it raining. I hope our courageous firefighters are getting some relief.
Stay happy and safe.
Jen x



J said...

Your Storm at Sea quilt is lovely. The colors you chose are fabulous! What a good feeling to get some of those UFOs cleaned up and on display! I am almost done with a pair of baby quilts I abandoned in late summer so I could pay attention to the fall holidays, so I am enjoying that feeling too!

margaret said...

I am sure your grandson is growing to treasure his quilt. Good girl with your UFO`s.
The fires have been horrendous, we have been kept up to date on our news programmes, thank goodness the rain has come and the temperatures have dropped. It is hard to imagine how hot 45degrees is here in England.

Radka said...

Congratulations and well done on your quilt!
We have been seeing the pictures of fires on our TV news, it is horrific. It always brigs back a memory of my son, who found himself in one of those fires when travelling in Australia some years ago. We only found out after he got out and was safe.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous Storm at Sea, one of my very favourite blocks. Lucky grandson!!

Happy New Year to you Jen, and hope this terrible weather subsides soon. I am sure we are all over it. Thankfully, we are away from the fires, and I feel so bad for those who have lost so much.

Take care. Have a productive year.