Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping the projects moveing.

Hello Everyone,
Let me say there are some lovely current projects by everyone on here in quilting blog land.
All this progress is very motivating .I read that quilting is creativity,friendship, self expression,learning and happiness. I believe all these things to be true. I'm sure more words could be added to to that list.
At the moment I have no finishes to show but have some near finishes to show soon.
From my sewing class on Tuesday there has been some beautiful finished quilts to share.

The next 2 beautiful  quilts are by Val she is so skilled and talented and always chooses the loveliest fabrics for her quilts

 On the corner of the quilt below there is a lovely butterfly in the quilting.


The butterfly can be seen on the backing here also.
No 2 quilt for Val .I love how Val has the hexagons in the centre panel. It is really beautiful.

Next is the owl quilt by Sharon .If you love owls this is a fabulous quilt.

Just before Christmas the top was finished and the border fabric is used for the backing. I new when we started back to class this would be all finished by Sharon. My sewing friends are so skilled in what they create.

Glenda has the top finished of her quilt above. I think it is called Chaos in the Courtyard .
What  great colours.
I sure am lucky to have such clever dear friends.

On my blog header I have put the KOALA, they are so cute and are a marsupial. A native to Australia found in the coastal regions.There are concerns about this animal's sustainable future in the environment and is currently listed as vulnerable and threatened.They are in the gum trees and eat the eucalyptus leaves. They are so cute and soft.

Don't forget to be Awesome.
Happy sewing .
Jen x


Gudrun said...

Yes, Jen, you really have clever friends and they sew wonderful quilts.
I love the coala bear.And the small one, so sweet.
Hugs from Sweden and Gudrun

Sandra Kaye said...

Very cool quilts:):) ...and your header..I just LOVE it!!! They are soo cute..and the baby...awww :):) I have marsupials in my house..and they are from your country...Lily and Rose(my sugar babies) :):) hugs

margaret said...

it is so good to see what others are doing in the quilt world, maybe one day I will aspire to a quilt but do not hold your breath!
The koala looks happy sitting there.

Marlynne said...

Thanks Jen for your nice comments on my blog. Love these quilts! That another love of mine. Especially the Story Quilts. Maarlynne

Radka said...

Beautiful quilts, thank you for showing us, Jen :-)

Karen said...

Very inspiring projects! Val's purple quilt just explodes with colour. Cute Koala photo too.

Jenny said...

The ladies in your group make beautiful quilts. I love the owls.