Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still Here.

Autumn is here in Australia, lasting from March to May. The trees will begin changing colour and the weather will start to become a little cooler which will be lovely as I am over our Summer with the heatwave conditions we had to endure.

Autumn in Australia.

This Autumn my husband and I will be heading south touring the dramatic south east coastline at the very bottom of Australia towing our caravan. This is one of the roads we will be travelling on and camping along the way.
A trip of around 4,000 Kilometeres.

Beautiful scenery at the bottom of Australia. These huge rocks are called the Twelve Apostles. May get a chance to Whale watch also. There is beautiful walks and National Parks to explore.
We will definitely be driving to the Otway Ranges to the Rainforest Tree Top Walk  it is 2-5 hrs from Melbourne and includes the 500 Metre long 25 metre high  elevated walk  in the tree tops.
I am looking foreward to doing this.

I am keeping my sewing incorporated in my daily life though it is the amount of sewing time I would like to increase.
I have a combined love of patchwork, embroidery and applique. Also my love of knitting, a very pleasant journey it is for the knitter to enjoy the knitting rhythm. Sometimes I think I have too many projects on the go  making me slow with a finish. Still I am keeping my projects moveing .

 1-  A tablemat with a embroidery centre waiting to be quilted.
2-  The jelly roll quilt top is finished  and in the morning I am going to the patchwork shop for wadding and binding for that.
3-  A small embroidered quilt block at the same stage.
4-   My knitting project waiting for me to finish the sleeves of my jumper for Winter. I am thinking it would be good to do this while in the car travelling.

 Table Mat.

Mini Quilt.

I am sure I will be quilting and binding for a few days.
Wishing you Happy Sewing.
Your friend  Jen x


Radka said...

Beautiful pictures :-)
If you are having autumn, we should be having spring, but there is no sign of it, the winter seems to have returned:-(

Gudrun said...

You will get a wonderful trip--and long.
We are waiting for spring,as Radka says, but where is it?
You also love Bronwyn hayes:-)) I have a big wallquilt with that embrodery.
Hugs Gudrun

margaret said...

Envious is what springs to mind. you have reminded me how disappointed I was when i chose not to go ans see the 12 apostles when I was in Aus in 1996. Some beautiful photos you have shared with us. Love your red work, such humour