Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two CFI'S .

Hello Everyone in Blog Land,
Two  CFI'S 

 I'm told that it means (completely finished items) to display. 
This past weekend didn't see any sewing from me like I planned as I had a reaction  to a pneumonia needle that I had when I was having the winter flu needle.
I felt terrible and couldn't move my arm ,it was burning red like my face and with fevers and headaches. That was Friday till Monday and today is Tuesday so feel like a normal human  again.  Only 5% of people get a reaction and it is a 5 year needle but I am not sure I would like another one in 5 years.
Well I am back into the sewing today and went to class and worked on the Wonky Donkey quilt.

Sorting my fabrics.
  It is going to be fun and creative selecting the fabrics. Though I am sure it will take a while to complete.


 One  table mat I finished was a quilt that I took to work on of a night while touring in our caravan.
It was a good size to take with me and embroider at night or afternoon.


 My lovely sewing companions at class have a quilt each for me to showcase.
Kay has finished an adorable and cute baby quilt.

Val with her quilts showcases beautiful fabrics and is so dedicated to her quilting.
Floral designs  are glorious and her quilt of Australian floral natives is a field of flowers.

My sewing friends are so dedicated and motivating.

It is time for me to give an update on Milo our naughty little bird that we love. Who never wants to go back in his cage after he has been out for a while and the two of us have to chase him for ages at times. haha

So after we have tried to coax him into his cage for ages ,we pretend we are not takeing any notice of him to see if he will go back himself and Ray has a  lay on the lounge .Well Milo is straight over there ,he loves Ray and tries to make Ray take notice of him . We do get him back eventually. He really is funny.
He is going to  be sent to the bad boys home . We have to have a cuppa after he is back in .LOL
Your friend,
Jen x


Marilyn C said...

Hello, I enjoy seeing your quilts, love the wonky donkey fabrics and the other childs quilt is gorgeous. Pets are wonderful company-they are always happy to spend time with you.

margaret said...

love the wondy donkey, he is so cute, and the owls also caught my eye.

What a sweet but naughty budgie! looks so at home on DH`s chest

em's scrapbag said...

The wonky donkey quilt looks like a lot of fun.
And the Winnie the Pooh baby quilt is darling.

Karen said...

Funny Milo! Love the Wonky Donkey and the owl table mat is so sweet. Sorry to hear about your needle reaction, not nice at all.