Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our glorious Spring Weather.

G'day friends and followers,
These past few weeks have been full on here but I have a few things to share with you.  These are from my weekly sewing class. Our weekly core  group of ladies who are so inspiring with all the different projects happening.
I am making progress with my Drunken Path  pattern quilt and I am adding the borders ready to start quilting. I am going to tackle something different other than ditch quilting. I haven't tried this before so see what happens. The quilt should finish around 60" by 80"
Here is a sneak peek, it is for my 18 yr old Grandson.

The  Weekly Sewing Girls.
 Barbara has finished her owl quilt for her neighbours little boy.

 It is very cute .Owls are popular at the moment.

 Look what Sharon has started!!  Wow  Hardanger stitchery. Much to hard for me.

 Anne has finished this quilt and she said it is getting put  away till it is time to go to the Nursing Home.  haha   We have a lot of fun at class .
 Val always chooses the loveliest fabrics for her quilts.
 Love the butterfly fabric.
My dear niece Joannah has been making quilts for her boys.
They are really beautiful.

Joannah has husband and 2 boys, works full time and always managers to fit in  her love of quilting .

3 weeks into Spring here and it has already started to heat up, expected to be 33C today where I live on the East Coast.  In the centre of Australia where we have just returned from with our caravan it is going to be 41C today.  I am glad we are not there now.

These lillies are putting on a show now in my garden. I think they are Hippeastrium lilies, I forget what they are.
Happy Sewing,
Jen x


Gudrun said...

All quilts look so wonderful.I wish you good luck with the quilting,sounds exciting:-))
I am happy it is not so warm here in Sweden,autumn is here but we have sunny summerdays.
Hugs Gudrun

Kippy SoMature said...

thank you for visiting my blog :) the quilts are simply beautiful - it is a joy to see the work from your ladies' sewing club - i have a special fondness for your niece's quilts..might be the bunnies ;)

what a burst of color and life are the lilies!

xoxo Kippy aka Jen

Cheryll said...

All the projects at your group look wonderful! Love the owls too..DD1 wants more in her baby's room too! Beautiful display of spring blooms! Enjoy your day! :)

margaret said...

how good to see what you are all doing, such a variety and see not just quilting, hardanger is my first love but since I got the patchwork bug it has been neglected until yesterday when I got an on going project out that i am doing for my younger daughter

Dianne said...

Your drunkard path quilt is wonderful, Jen. Well done. I admire anyone who sews curves. I do mine the 'cheats' way. Also admire anyone that does hardanger. Attempted a bookmark once, and even that didn't get finished. Too hard on the eyes now, anyway. We have also had summer weather in spring. The nights are lovely though. Beautiful weather! Di.

Jenny said...

Jen Looks like your group is so talented. Well done to all of you