Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello Everybody,
I have been getting some order back in this house now Christmas is over  and the New Year is here.We still have school holidays and some babysitting  happening but have been getting my projects organised and will be starting back to my weekly quilting class tomorrow. I am happy as long as there is a new project on the horizon.
I am thinking I will start with a quilt for one of my grandaughters and because I like haveing a few projects going at once I am planning some Christmas embroideries for a wall hanging and a knitting project that I can pull some Alpaca wool from my stash and work on an 8ply cardigan.
My word for 2014, " Discipline" (to keep myself in check for what I want to accomplish)
I have some quilt blocks that the sewing ladies had started before Christmas and I am sure when I go tomorrow I will see the full quilts all finished.


Hubby and I have been figureing out the 2nd hand Inspira Quilting frame we bought and he has made some alterations to it and we had a practise with it on the weekend. What came with it was the Husqvarna Viking Quilter machine .In the package was some pantographs and laser and I have the basic set of  groovey boards to have a play with. DH stores it in our big double garage and winches it up next to our high ceiling and presses a button that lets it down onto its legs when I want to use it. He backs the car out as the other side of the garage our caravan is stored so all the room is taken up on the other side.

 Up high out of the way.
Lowered down by pressing a button.

View to the bush from the garage while I will be quilting.

 It has been very hot here and we have spent some days sailing on the Lake 3 mins from our place enjoying some cool breezes. A cool dip in the lake but not for very long as there is sharkes in  the lake that come in from the sea entrance.
We have been in heatwave conditions reaching well into the 40C's and Adelaide reaching 46.6C for two days.

Lake Macquarie. Australias largest coastal salt water lake  stretches 24km. 4 times bigger than Sydney Harbour.
Where it says Marks Point is near where I live.
Happy sewing ,embrace each day.
Jen x


J said...

I came here to see more of that pretty pink and blue block, and then I see even more lovely work! Your colors are wonderful! The finished projects will be well received!

Gudrun said...

Lovely quilts you show today.I really miss sailing,we sailed so much in our family. The small boat you have is exactly like our.My husband built it,and now our daughter will have both the big sailingbaot and this small.
Hugs Gudrun

margaret said...

what a good arrangment you have with the garage and your quilting frame. Wondering if Lake Macquarie is near Port Macquarie? I have friends who live at the Port

Cheryll said...

WOW... what a great idea winching the table up high like that! And a fantastic view to boot! :)

barbara woods said...

already following

Marilyn C said...

I call that making use of all available space, a great idea.

barbara woods said...

Hi Jen , love you blog

Dawn Castrova said...

from the blog party . love your work. I do a paper crafter. but I always get inspired by all walks of life and stitching cards is my love to do someday. so what better thing than watch the wonderful sites like yours. following by Bloglovin and Goggle+connect. 600 blogs is a lot of blogs, in the last group and 24 hours to go.