Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beary Good Times.

I have been away for 2 weeks enjoying the beautiful beaches, spectacular rainforests and lookouts. An area that Koalas are found. They are a threatened animal and so lovely to see, just like the one on my blog header and so cuddly.

A big attraction to me at Scotts Head is being able to throw a line in as you can regulary catch a fish on the sweeping beaches.
Wakeing to the sound of waves and lovely bird songs.  It is very picturesque the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday.

 Our daily camping visitor who certainly made us move smartly when he appeared from under the caravan and wandered toward us.
My fishing beach spot in the middle of that stretch of sand.

Some holiday photos.

At sewing class this week there was some lovely photo memory quilts for show and tell.

" Favourite Walking Path" quilt from the photo album

A Christmas quilt made from one piece of fabric fussy cut out into small squares and sewn together..

"From My Window quilt". Fussy cut small squares  placed and sewn together.

This week I look foreward to finishing some knitting I did while away.  I have to sew them together and they will be finished !!.
My current project at the moment is a quilt for my 7 yr old grandaughter.
Till next time. Jen xx
PS. Thank you for calling in and leaving a comment, blogging friendships are special to me.