Friday, April 4, 2014

Looking foreward to Whale season.

Dear friends,Hello!
Here in Australia we are enjoying lovely weather on the east coast for our Autumn and through the week have had warm days to be able to go to the beach  and also we had a lovely lunch by the lake.
 Inland Australia  has been hot 36C and on the coast where I am 28C. I must say while I am posting this we are haveing storms and it is thunder and pouring rain, which we really need.

 Our lunch spot on beautiful Lake Macquarie in amongst the gum trees listening to the birds and a relaxing walk along the path after lunch at the lakes edge.

 Lake Macquarie is a huge lake and this place is a few minutes from where I live.
Newcastle beach is 20  minutes away though we have many beaches closer to us.
Soon we will be whale watching around the beaches from May to late November .Whales travel thousands of  kilometres  for the winter breeding, comeing from the Antarctic waters in the south and move up north in their hundreds  to around the equator passing Sydney and Newcastle. We have lots of chances to see these lovable mammals. Looking foreward to the season starting.

My sewing progress is going well and have now added borders to my grandaughters quilt around the square blocks  and it is waiting to be quilted. Also a UFO I have had sitting at the end of my table a flannelette quilt top is now finished waiting to be quilted. 
The sewing class ladies  this week Kay and Lynne have made a delightful Fairy Mushroom embelished with beads and a pretty embroidery .

 Glenda has her quilt finished and the fabrics are so colourful and vibrant and is ready for the binding.

 One baby jumper knitting project is finished and I am working on finishing a knitted cardigan only the bands to do, So hopefully this weekend will see it finished .I have some knitting projects I would like to start but I am being strong waiting till I finish what is on the needles. I love to knit and enjoy the knitting rythm of the needles.
I am happy as long as their is a new project on the horizon.
Stay beautiful and unique.
Happy sewing weekend.
Jen x



Karen said...

Whale watching, I would love that! Your granddaughters quilt is very sweet and the mushrooms so fun. Enjoy the weekend Jen.

Cheryll said...

Gorgeous them! And your GD will love her quilt.
Yes I love living so close to the lake too... such a beautiful spot for walking and BBQ's.
This was a wonderful post so THANKS!

margaret said...

lovely photos of where you are so lucky to live and good to see what you have been up to

Dianne said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world Jen. How great to be able to see the whales from shore - you must get a real feel for how enormous they are. Congrats on the GD quilt - very pretty. The pattern in Glenda's quilt is intriguing and I love the colours too.

Connie said...

I love seeing your photos of Australia!! Beautiful quilt and those little mushrooms are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.
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