Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers,
The days and weeks are flying by as I have been busy, everywhere else but the sewing room!!.  I have  accomplished some sewing and knitting. Not a finish as yet but close. I have a line up waiting to be quilted.
The weekly sewing group has some projects I'm shareing with you.

Vicky's baby quilt is coming along nicely only borders and binding for a finish .It is absolutely adorable and I just love the little monkeys.

Another Vicky has finished a lovely colourful  flannelete quilt top.

 Lee has finished a project for a Christmas tree quilt hanging ,fussy cut in little squares which some of the quilting group are going to make .

 and Lee has finished her picture quilt .

 Sharon has finished her blue quilt and has pretty embroideries embelished on the blocks.

Val has this beautiful butterfly fabric that looks fabulous in this quilt.

My quilting friends are so talented,creative and dedicated to their quilting. A pleasure to spend time with each week.
I did add to the yarn stash this week with some skeins of lovely wool and cotton.  Mixes of Super wash Merino wool, Baby camel.  100%Wool, Nylon and Cotton.
The stash is growing fast  but the projects are slow growing.
 In my garden the New Zealand Christmas bush is in flower and looking lovely.I don't know why it is known as a Christmas bush flowering months before Christmas. It brings beautiful birds to the garden.

If you want to view some amazing bloggers Sewing rooms / Studios  make sure you visit the blog of  Karen Valentine  at   My Desert Cottage  and spend some time to look at their creative spaces  Where Bloggers Create is the link.

I am so looking foreward to Summer for the beach and some beach fishing with the waves rolling in.  Only 3 weeks left now for Winter.
Happy Sewing ,Stay happy and well.
Jen x


margaret said...

thanks for sharing these quilts. Wow the picture quilt is amazing, would not know where to start on one like that. I have 6 waiting to be quilted and one that just needs the binding done

Vicki Boster said...

Such beautiful quilts-- I so admire anyone who can create such a treasure. Such patience---


Jenny said...

Lovely quilts in your group. I have been busy not sewing as well but that is life . I am sewing all this weekend though...

Jeanneke said...

Love the quilts and the flowers you showed, Jen!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments on my blog.
We are enjoying a beautiful but over the last days rainy Summer; yours will soon be there :>)
If only our Winters could be like yours... I'd welcome and enjoy that climate change :>)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen thankyou for sharing all these beautiful projects with us,they sure are clever,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I check out your blog regularly and enjoy looking at all your projects. The New Zealand Christmas Tree is known as Pohutukawa in New Zealand and always flowers here around Christmas time.
Ruthena Clement, Auckland, NZ

Kippy SoMature said...

the quilts are indeed very very beautiful! I am particularly like those cute little lions on the baby quilt :) looking forward with you to your summer arriving (I await autumn, but am enjoying the end of summer as well!)

Dawn said...

Oh my! These projects are all quite beautiful! My favorite are the tree and the one below it with a ll the gray and tan neutral tones.. they are so lovely and serene! By now Winter should be in your rearview mirror I hope! :) Enjoy the beach miss! ~Dawn