Monday, October 20, 2014

The Tree of Life.

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all happy and well.
I have been reasonably productive putting together a quilt top and binding a small Civil War quilt also some embroidery for a Christmas project .All near the finishing stage.
 I have finished some baby  blankets as a small gesture to help comfort grieving parents as a memory of their baby at a time of sorrow.  I will pass them on to  Cheryll  from ' Gone Stitchin.' blog.  Cheryl manages her other blog named ' Blankets of Love.'  click on the link to read about them.  Cheryll is truly an angel who makes and boxes the blankets then takes these donated blankets to the hospitals where they are gratefully accepted.
 I have used fabric from my stash and found some pretty pieces that i thought suitable .

Glenda from our sewing class has donated her time to make these to send to Cheryll . Cute Tinkerbell and Winnie the Pooh tiny blankets for premature birth.

The ladies at sewing class have been busy with some lovely quilts . The Tree of Life fabric is so stunning and makes for a beautiful quilt.
The Tree of Life in its various forms is recognised in all cultures as  a symbol of immortality and eternal life. The Tree of Life is the tree who's fruit gives eternal life to all who obtain it. The concept has been used in science, religion, philosophy and Mythology and can be found in the book of Genesis and other books of the bible.

Sewing class update.
Val's Tree of Life quilt top.

Glenda has her quilt nearly finished ready for quilting.

I love how Glenda has worked the corners .

Barbara's quilt centre.  Everyone has worked their Tree of Life quilt in many different and  talented ways.

Sondra has been embroidering on  her quilt fabric  makeing the result look so soft on the beautiful fabric choices.

 Our whole class has made this scrappy quilt to donate to a  charity . Each person has made 2 blocks each and helped with borders and all the cutting. It was a most enjoyable project. Usually the charity raffle the quilts and can make lots of money for their needs.

 There is a lot I am always learning and keeping my mind active and how to balance myself and be flexible just in everyday life.There is always something happening that is not planned. We have had our eldest Grandson come stay with us from the country for the last 7 months while waiting for his enlistment into the Australian Defence Force..He has now been offered enlistment.  We have loved our time with him and love him dearly. Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you never new was empty.
Happy sewing .
Jen x


margaret said...

such a worthwhile way to use fabirc for premature babies but here in the UK they tell us never to use a quilt on a child under 1, I think is is fear of over heating or suffocation. You have also shared quilts made by others I do so enjoy seeing what people are making good inspiration for me

Gudrun said...

Thanks for sharing what you are sewing on.Wonderful things and tell Sondra I love her quilt with embroderies.
Hugs to you all!!

*-* said...

I love the charity quilt!
What lovely colours & the winner will surely be thrilled. K.

Vicki Boster said...

Jen-- goodness!! Such beautiful quilts-- amazing patterns and colors. I so admire those of you who are blessed with those talents.

Your baby blankets are precious- a wonderful gesture. We use those also in my NICU and I know they are so appreciated. Your are a dear soul to make those for the babies.

Thank you for your visit-- kind words-- and loving thoughts.

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