Monday, August 24, 2015

Friends Forever.

One more week of crisp cold bleak weather and we will have  Spring, and there is new life again.
A few baby joeys will be around ,baby lambs born early Spring when there is lots of fresh grass for them.
Baby ducklings waddling around .

Little babies.

 Cute little Joey baby Kangaroo  and baby  Lambs

Our beautiful Australian National flower the Wattle. It is on the Australian Coat of Arms.
It is a fragrant sweet smelling flower. It can be used to make perfumes, bath herbs and potpourris.
We have the bushes (acacia) growing outside our front door in the bush so pretty.. It can give some people hay fever. Australia celebrates Wattle Day on the 1st September. Our start of Spring.

Saying "Hello" to you all from the ladies at my weekly  quilting group who look on here to see what projects are happening with you all . These ladies don't have a blog and love reading and seeing my bloggie follower friend's current projects . Your enthusiasm is catching.

Hello everybody!!  fellow quilters, Lynne ,Vicky, Val, Barbara,  Lee, Anne, Sue, Sondra, Kay, Glenda.  Missing is Sharon ,Vicki, and myself as I took the photo.

Lee has quilted her Christmas wall hanging. Makes me start thinking about Christmas.

Lynne has the top all finished for this colourful fabulous Baby quilt.

Kay has finished this lovely soft warm colours and cuddly flannelette quilt.

 I love this heart centrepiece.

 Barbara is excited to be using her new Janome  sewing machine. It looks brilliant with everything it can do.

Wow it's great.

Thank you all who visit you are truly appreciated.
Bye for now.
Stay beautiful and unique.
Jen xx


J said...

Oh my goodness! That sweet little joey! Precious!
I always love seeing what your ladies are up to! That Christmas tree quilt is amazing! Happy spring! We are entering fall in the US. Wish I could trade with you! :)

Radka said...

I wish you a lovely spring, which will probably be better than our summer this year! 13C in August is just not right.
I am surprised to see the snow in your last post, not something one expects to see in Australia :-)
You seem to have a very nice quilting group, to keep you busy,

Gudrun said...

Say Hej! to the ladies and tell them they sew wonderful things.
I understand you love springtime,me too. We have a nice august weather and the pool is perfect.Have a nice 1st September.
Hugs Gudrun

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,wow such lovely pics,yes I can't wait for Spring to arrive,lovely show and tell from the girls,I hope you have a lovely day xx

margaret said...

what cute little creatures enjoy your spring and hopefully you will get a summer it bypassed us this year here in Leeds!
Good to see what all the ladies are doing such variety

Marilyn said...

Hi Jen, spring is a lovely time of the year when the birds start to nest and new animals arrive. We have willy wag tails come every spring to nest in the trees and wake us up of a morning with their lively chirp. It is always nice to see the lovely things that the ladies are making too, they do such nice work.

Cheryll said...

Lovely to visit with you again...especially nice to meet some of your friends too. Xox

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