Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back into routine.

Hello dear Friends,
Getting back into routine after Christmas ,New Year Celebrations, School holidays and eating too much!!!
Now I am just counting my blessings ,starting of with a blank book and looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.
I have started with some new projects in the sewing room. I really didn't need them as I still have some old ones in the sewing room. but !! ,oh well it doesn't matter does it haha.
I am looking forward to starting this embroidery project.  It is a simple embroidery style project . It will be in keeping with my embroidery which is simple stitching.

Sashiko Stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan.
Relaxing and Meditative they say about the Sashiko way. Traditionally light coloured threads over dark cotton coloured fabric.

The cotton print fabric is a dark navy. It is not like in this photo under . It is my camera making it show light.

Above will be the main  border fabric ,I still have to choose fabric for a small border and the binding .

 The quilt made by my sewing group is for a charity .It has been quilted and waiting for the binding to be finished then taken to a charity to be raffled to earn money for the local charity our group will decide on.

This is a beautiful delicate coloured Cross Stitch that Lee has stitched and now has it finished and in a frame  on her wall. .I love those  pastel colours.

I wish you all the blessings you truly deserve.
Happy sewing days.
Jen xx


Gudrun said...

Hej Jen!
I am really looking forward to that you will sew this year.Wonderful fabric and colour on the thread.Good luck!
The Cross stitch is so nice. I have stitched nearly the same pattern.The scrappy quilt also is great.
Greetings to your quilting group and to you Jen of course.
Hälsningar från Gudrun

Radka said...

New year, new projects - one has to keep the interest going ;-)
Sashiko is the one thing I haven't done - yet; maybe this will be the year for it!

Jenny said...

the cross stitch is beautiful. I just love the Sashiko. Cant wait to see the finished object .