Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sewing room.

Hello Everyone
Hope everyone is happy and well.
My sewing room of late had became a dumping spot of all things  as I hadn't been able to spare the time in there enjoying  my quilting till now.
 Our life is now showing signs of coming back to our normal routines and I need room to sew. So decided to have a clean out. I put a new unit in the room to have a proper place for my things .To tidy and organise everything so I can be more efficient and organised with my quilting time. I guess some of my placements will get moved as I use them to more efficient places.

I had a helper my grandson Korbyn  who loves being in the sewing room ever since he was little making projects and little mats with the scraps and glue.
It is nearly finished only my computer and printer desk need some attention to do some filing etc.

At least I have started and will later fold all my fabric to the same sizing. Fabric scraps I tossed that were too small pieces. I will never use them so why keep them.

My wool stash .I get so tempted to add to it, but must use some first. I am being strong with this.

Hubby put a shelf under my machine and cutting table that holds fabric sorted for projects  eg  baby quilts  and finished toppers waiting to be quilted also some ufo's. It is good space under there as I only have a small room 10' 6" x 10' 6" .It has a lovely big window with shutters and lets the sun in.
Because it is small I can easy create a mess!!

I would love some matching baskets  for storage but will look into it at a  later date.

My table is  big with plenty of room behind my machine .
If I have to cut  a large quilt I have a great bench in the kitchen that will hold it.
Thank you for calling in .
Happy quilting .
Jen xx


Jo said...

It must be that time of year. There are quite a few people posting about clean ups and redesigning.. it always makes us feel good...

Gudrun said...

You have a nice sewingroom and good help from your grand-son.Do you have IKEA near you??They have very good and practic things for all in your sewingroom.
Hugs Gudrun

Marilyn said...

Hello Jen Lovely to read your posts. Hope everything is improving for you now. Getting back into sewing can be a great way to get rid of some of the stress we go through, you have a lovely setup for your sewing.

margaret said...

you have a very organised room and so much in such a small space, everthng has a place and everything is in its place, we could all learn a lot from this space, happy stitching

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen it's always a good feeling to have a spring clean in your sewing room,lol,it's amazing what we find xx

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Jenny said...

Looking good Jen

*-* said...

I bet you are enjoying having your sewing room sorted. Mine is like yours was, as I've not been as dedicated, with my stitching this year. Sorting my sewing room is something I must attend to, very soon, as I get back on track.

Linda said...

How lovely and organized, I love your sewing room! And your header is gorgeous and delightful. :)