Thursday, June 29, 2017

Different paths to travel now.

Hello Everyone,
I have some lovely quilts to showcase ,my quilting  friends have been busy .
Their enthusiasm is certainly catching. When  seeing their fabulous quilts each week is so inspiring.

 These next 3 quilts are so different and Di who made these is so very talented and creative with her  quilting.

This quilt is hand sewn.

This next quilt has a impressive border hand sewn. My camera doesn't show how beautiful the rich colouring is of this fabric .Lee has made this quilt to  showcase  the beautiful fabric.

Winter is upon us here in Australia and I will be heading to the snow fields in 2 weeks which I am looking forward to spending some time at Thredbo Village. I will be taking my hand sewing to sit by the open fire watching the snow fall and enjoy some walks in the snow.
I have some near finishes which I hope to get some bindings on .
Also will  knit some beanie hats for my grandson to take to Lihi in the remote areas of the Himalaya Mountains, Nepal, where he will be trekking with the charity group for building schools and other educational supplies to the little children in November 2017.

Thredbo Village.

On the road to Thredbo. I am going with my family , My big boys and girl (late teens)  5 grandchildren and their mum and dad, all skiers and snow boarders. Not me I can assure you !!
Thank you for calling into  my blog.xx
Happy sewing week..
Jen xx


margaret said...

some beauties here love a stripy quilt on my to do list and very impressed with one made by hand never attempted one of those.
Have a lovely time I too would be sitting by a fire and not snowboarding! It certainly sounds like a fun time you will be having keep warm

Jo said...

Some lovely quilts to show.
I do hope you have a wonderful time spent with the family.

*-* said...

Love all the quilts & the rich colours of the last one. Hope you have a wonderful time at Thredbo.

Marilyn said...

Hi Jen they are beautiful quilts your quilting friends have made. Enjoy the snow in Thredbo, we were there in Autumn and that was cold enough for me. It so pretty to see it all covered in snow.