Monday, August 1, 2011

Cooking for Pop.

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.
Over the weekend and the last few days I have had my No 1 grandson (20yrs) and his mate stay with us on a short holiday. I was prepared with lots of food. ha ha They kept me busy. It was lovely having them, The young ones are such fun.
Then my No 5 grandson Korbyn (6yrs) was here for the day and he loves to cook!
I will share these photos of our day. He wanted to make a birthday cake for Pop and it is a serious job to do.

Korbyn has to do the taste test first.
He went looking through the toy box and found some decorations for his cake.
Now it is time to make Poppy a Birthday Card.
Korbyn and I are on the Birthday card. I must say I look very glamorous here!
The finished cake.

Korbyn loves his quilts,and has more than other members of the family.He is always in my stash cupboard and looking through my quilt books marking the pages for  more quilts .The last quilt he asked me to do was a moo cow quilt. So I made this one for him. It was hard to find fabric with a cow print and came across it when we went travelling in our caravan to outback Australia in Longreach .

What treasures are our Grandchildren, so precious.

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Connie said...

Grandchildren are so much fun! I have my 12 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter so not much quilting getting done.