Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All packed Away.

Hello Everyone!!
Well it is still school holidays here till the end of January and I have one Grandaughter still staying with me from Tamworth and three Grandsons live around the corner.
My computer is being taken over so I don't get a turn between the 4 of them lol . They all have their own pc's but mine is the best they tell me because it is a new fast  Gaming computer. I do have another one but it is too slow they say. I have to agree at times. They run back and forth all day from their house to mine and have the computers linked to the same game.
 I have to have some extra cooking on hand as they are always in the cupboard and fridge. They can get a bit noisy as the are 6yrs,12,13 and 15yrs. Other than that they are well behaved. lol. They are fun to have around.
Kris my grandaughter has been sewing her quilt as she only gets to do it while staying here in the school holidays. All the fabrics she chose herself.  The top is finished and the quilt is pinned all together, I helped her to do the pinning as it takes a while to do . Not sure on the quilting but I am thinking sewing in the ditch will be good for her to learn.

Kristy  with  Pop giving her a hand to show and share .

 Having packed away all the Chrissy decorations I must say seemed a bigger job packing them away, not like the fun it was putting them up !! Anyway the house is back to normal again.

A lot less work to do and more sewing days as soon as school holidays are over.
 A saying I like.
HOUSEWORK  can't KILL you but why take a chance!!

Yesterday I spent the day getting my fabric drawers, cupboard and shelves in order for 2012 sorting what I wanted to keep and what had to go. Taking stock I call it.
All neat and tidy again. A great feeling being inspired to start some new projects. So many wonderfull projects out there.
One thing I must do in 2012 is practise,practise,practise some free motion quilting. I don't ever seem to make time to do this for some reason.

I must go and put some patty cakes in the oven, They will last probably last 1 hour and be all gone. haha.
Till next time .
Jen x


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