Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Symbols of Australia Day.

Our flag the symbol of Australia.
The symbols of Australia Day which include The Australian National Flag with it's representations of the Union Jack.
The Commonwealth Star and the five stars of the Southern Cross.
The National Anthem. Advance Australia Fair. Other symbols,is our golden Wattle. Our floral emblem.
The opal, our national gemstone and the national colours of green and gold.
The nations population of 21million.

Koala bear is an Australian marsupial, it's natural habitat among the Gum trees.

 Emus large flightless birds and is paired with the kangaroo on the Australian Coat of Arms.
They live in Australias grass lands.

You will find kangaroos in most places in Australia and are on the Australian Coat of Arms.

Our beautiful Gum trees  a  Ghost Gum. There is over 500 species of gum trees
The eastern Rosella bird you find nesting among the gum trees. One of many birds in the Gums

The outback road trains.

This sign speaks for itself on our northern rivers and beaches.

In the National Capital of Canberra is the National Parliment House and the National Museum.

The National Art Gallery.                                                      Have a happy Australia Day.
Hope you enjoyed some of my Australia.
Jen x


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Connie said...

Beautiful photos! I see your follower gadget is back and I'm hoping my posts show up!

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