Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This past Easter week has been busy here at my household with my family visiting for the Easter Break. Here is one reason I am busy.  Having a lovely time with some of my Grandchildren . They are so precious.

During the first week of Easter the Autumn weather has been perfect  for a day at the beach and a swim in the surf with pleasant water temperatures for this time of year.

I did make some more progress with my current projects, even though I couldn't desiginate much time to my sewing and I did purchase some lovely fabric from the Timeless Treasures range.

I finished my scarf I sewed in between the salvi with lots of yarn and embelishments layered on the salvi and sewn on the machine. Then washed the salvi away .A fun project.
 It seems so long since I have been able to post on here . but!!!!
Stay happy in sewing .
Jen x


Linda said...

I think we have all been quite busy of late Jen, and I must apologize for not getting here until now. The children look to be having a wonderful time, and yes, the Easter weather was glorious.

I love your fabrics, and the scarf you've made is simply gorgeous. It's such a great way to make a scarf in record time.

Take care, and happy stitching when you get the chance.

Luna said...

I like the prints you've selected, especially the blue and white Eiffel Tower.